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Scotland trip and must see airfields/places


I am planning 4 days flying trip to Scotland in April, out leg via Carlisle and return via Newcastle, the vfr route plan is to go for Glasgow(Loch Lomond), Glenforca(Mull/Iona), Barra(Beach), Inverness(just a stop), Perth(Gleneagles)

Any suggestions for must go places flying/visit? I am looking to tweak the route but not much north of Inverness (if one make to Kirkwall, why not Iceland? or Norway?) but happy with some 1h detours

I will be flying PA28 so will be limited to 700m places (e.g. Glenforca) with my usual 2h human endurance ;)

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Oban ? for the hard runway and fuel

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Yes I had Oban on my route thinking to go there direct from Carlisle and just drop Glasgow from the route (visted Loch Lomond already but I lost in pic/pax veto/election ;) ) but will just land there anyway for quick fuel/food refresh before Glenforca: will be flying at 2000ft QFE anyway, so I will be happy for cheap/relaxed refuel at the cost of landing/food fees ;)

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ESSEX, United Kingdom

I would recommend Cumbernauld over Glasgow – just next door. Really pretty location. Nice runway and super friendly staff. Big tick : )

North Weald, United Kingdom

Oban is nice – for a day or two.

I did this low level run around the area a few years ago, with @dublinpilot’s navigation

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Thanks Peter for sharing the video, the massage has gone (drop Glasgow for Oban, one can find zillion of Loch around the area and avgas is cheaper ;) )

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Fantastic seafood on the harbour in Oban. Worth the stop on its own. Mussels, scallops, shrimps, oysters… Heaven.


EEUSK – a strange name but very good food.

Bear in mind the restaurant is in two parts, next to each other. Different menus etc. Easy to book the table in the wrong one

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Oban also has free bicycles (make sure to take the less hilly route unless you’re reasonably fit). It’s a pretty nice airfield, the only problem is it has short opening hours and if you want to operate outside them, then you have to apply by post probably at least a few days in advance for out of hour indemnity.

Andreas IOM

Thanks, that is nice I forgot about bicycles

alioth wrote:

then you have to apply by post probably at least a few days in advance for out of hour indemnity.

Does that restriction apply to an airmail GA aircraft carrying it own PPR letter by post? (there is enough in this statement to keep the admins busy for one week )

ESSEX, United Kingdom
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