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Shipping long awkward aircraft parts from USA to Europe

Just wanted to see if there was a trick I was missing here. I need a lift strut shipped for my Luscombe from a private seller in the US to Ireland. The lift strut would fit in a 7" plastic pipe and is about 10 feet long.

I recently shipped a Prop from FL to Ireland. UPS were $596 and Fedex were $579. I got it shipped for $77 to an address in Virginia and then another $168 to forward it onto Ireland using a company called Shop USA. So I saved $334 on sending the prop via Fedex.

The people who shipped the prop wont take the lift strut, as it’s too long. I remember getting lift struts before sent via BAX Global but that was ten years ago and that company are gone. I’m sure there must be others in the same boat buying parts that are non standard sizes…..



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EIBR, Ireland

Do you mean Shop USA ? Their claimed rates are amazing but it sounds like they are a consolidating company which fills up a container and ships it over by sea. That must be their “Economy” service, 8-14 days. That is about right because sea freight USA to Europe is about 5 days’ sailing. (China is 25 days). Their “Express” service, 1-3 days, must be air freight which also benefits from consolidation but less so because air weighs-out first whereas sea bulks-out first.

At work we use an outfit called Damco and we find them OK. Mostly we use them for sea freight from China which is dirt cheap but then the outfit adds a chinese takeaway menu like list of charges. Air freight costs more per kg but you pay a bit less for the other ripoffs. So the overall cost depends. I suggest giving them a call.

There may be other consolidators who can take the longer item, however.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Reminds me of someone I knew who was restoring a cub around 1980. He had ordered a length of sterlube to replace a corroded bit from the States and when it arrived the carrier had cut it in two.

Hi William,

For bulky/oversize items from the USA we use UPS SCS, which is the freight arm of the familiar brown and gold parcel service. If you don’t have a discount contract with UPS, it’s cheaper to go through a shipping agent like Damco or Unipac Shipping.

ATB, Peter.

Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

I use Borderlinx. Their max size for std or express is 108 × 165 inches / 275 × 419 cm. I recently got a quote to ship some large-ish interior plastic parts to Europe and it was >$500, so I had them shipped domestic to Borderlinx for under $30. Borderlinx then shipped it to me for about $145. You can save some more if you have several shipments from different suppliers. Send them all to Borderlinx and they’ll consolidate under a single shipment reference (2 or more packages, i.e. without repackaging). There is a much higher charge for the first kg, so consolidating applies that charge only once.

LSZK, Switzerland

Joe_90 wrote:


Just curious: What is sterlube?

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