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Silver Eagle vs. SR22

For European touring with a high dispatch rate for mostly 1 or 2 persons what is the pros and cons.
For a resonable compare it will need to be a used P210SE vs. a newer G3 TN or even a G5 Turbo.
I have been looking a lot on these two because as I understand it they can still go into the smaller airfields (700m grass)
For a personal airliner the Jetprop would be nice, but that would be restricted to larger aiports??
What is the cost involved on running either? Depreciation?

pmh, Denmark

Have you flown both at least once?
I ask because most people would quickly rule out either one or the other. They are totally different machines.

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Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

I haven’t been able to try either of them. My first goal is to get an I(R) when that hopefully will be possible for me to do soon. I’m colorblind and have been restricted from this.

pmh, Denmark

If your budget is ca. 600k€, then I personally would always prefer the SE. However, you get a really old airframe, just because none were built after 1982 (the later P210s are not covered by the SE STC). Cabin heating sucks and it usually stinks of jet fuel. The pressurization is notorious. It will constantly need maintenance attention, just because of the age of the airframe. If you direct that money towards a Cirrus, you get the latest and greatest shiny airplane with a wow factor and probably factory warranty.

A Jetprop cannot be operated on a 700m grass strip, a SE can and a Cirrus as well. However, do you really want to take 600k€ to grass strips with all the potential nasty surprises?

Even though I like the SE, I would still not buy it because my thinking is that if I am to spend 600k€ on a small aircraft, then it’d better be something nice and new.

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If it was me then I’d buy an SR22 for 300-350 K€ (which buys a very fine machine) and keep the rest. For € 350 K you will get a 2008 or even 2009 SR turbo and, in my opinion this is the most efficient and safe transport for up to 4 people. It lands fine on grass strips if you know what you are doing – and it is the only plane in its class with the BRS system (CAPS).

Or, if you want something even better, spend K450€ and get a Cirrus that still SMELLS new and is 200.000 below the latest model!

Last Edited by Flyer59 at 13 Feb 16:08
Last Edited by Flyer59 at 13 Feb 16:08

Or, if you want something even better, spend K450€ and get a Cirrus that still SMELLS new and is 200.000 below the latest model!

And therein lies the answer to your question on depreciation…


So? What do you want to say? Buy a SR22 for 350 K and you will fly it a couple of years and lose much less money than if you buy a new one. With the SR22 it’s simply the case that there’s many on the market. But it’s a great market for buying used ones. Even for €250K you can find one (G2) with all the gimmiks you will ever need.

Easy Alex, I was not saying anything bad about Cirrus, if that’s what gets you going.

The guy was asking about depreciation and you gave a good indication on where the current prices are for various stages of used, relative to new. That’s what I would call a pretty good indication of expected depreciation.


No, no, I just didn’t understand the point :-) I KNOW that the depreciation is high. And that’s a good thing – or I could not have afforded to buy one!
I would never really buy a NEW plane. Only if I literally had money to burn. I don’t even buy brand new cars, i buy them 2 months old and save money for one year of vacations and AVGAS!

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