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Skiing in Austria (merged threads)

LOGO is also nice. From landing to skiing 30 Minutes with ski rental and taxi. You can use LOWI for alternate and cloud breaking.


That notam is a bit harsh. The austrian way to do it is to just call the Betriebsbüro (Ops office) of Innsbruck Airport and ask them about parking in advance.

CB IR Instruction

Peter wrote:

I don’t believe that notam tells anywhere remotely near the full story.

Well, both NOTAMS come in force on Dec 16th only and obviously do not apply to resident a/c.

Apart from the aeroclub area north of the field, there several long-term (permanent?) parking GA aircraft on the southern apron. These are the ones visible in your picture.

In my experience, LOWI enforces its winter parking restrictions very rigorously. While they may accomodate a single aircraft for a night or two when calling ahead, that’s no basis for planning a holiday.

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LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost, Austria

Cheshunt wrote:

LOGO is also nice. From landing to skiing 30 Minutes with ski rental and taxi. You can use LOWI for alternate and cloud breaking.

LOGO is definitely a good recommendation. In my experience, they have less fog than LOWZ or LOIJ in winter. However, it’s a bit further to the slopes.

@Cheshunt : You must have mixed something up there. No way to do a cloud break in LOWI for LOGO, which is in a totally different part of the country. In fact, the one issue for an IFR flight to LOGO is that you need either a hole in the clouds above the Enns valley or you have to cancel IFR prior to the mountains and fly in low level VFR.

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LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost, Austria

During winter ski season its always helpful to have an ILS for cloudbreaking followed by following a Canyon etc.
I did this procedure several times for LOWZ (Zell am See) with Salzburg ILS
( then just kne saddle to pass and down in Salzach Valley) or Augsburg (EDMA)
And entering Alps from the north.
Blueline is right, Innsbruck is Tyrol,
West of Austria and LOGO is
more East so useless for Cloudbreaking.
However, the local webcams and wx-infos are always helpful.
Consider Salzburg and Innsbruck exclude by Notam
In fact GA parking at Ski-season since they claim to need the space for airliners
Fly& Ski is great :-)

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EDLW, Dortmund,Germany

maybe this could be an option


This “winter ski” project is proving to be quite a challenge, with no snow anywhere (other than “advanced skier” slopes high up), or narrow runs created in artificial snow.

I think that when it snows up (surely it “must” eventually? ) I will head for Zell am See.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I am told the Kaprun glacier has loads of snow right now, and it even has ski schools there, on a plateau. 7km from Zell am See LOWZ. 10min taxi.

One stays at Kaprun, not in Zell am See town.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

“one stays in Kaprun”…well, if you have hire car you can stay at even better places – outside of mainstream and noise people celebrating every night. Places like this – Not a courtyard style accomodation but fantastic kitchen. Better than Courtyard ;-)


This place was in Kaprun itself, AFAICT. Are noisy parties really such a problem? The windows are double glazed. Note for C210: you even get a phone number for the three ladies

I have merged the two threads on this topic. Or people could use the search function themselves, instead of starting new threads of the same name? It takes me ages to move multiple posts

I reckon we should do a EuroGA fly-in to Zell am See, late January or February

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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