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Skiing in Austria (merged threads)

Perhaps it would be possible to make a guide with “Fly&ski” now that there seems to be a lot of info about it. It could be a sticky post somewhere.

Sweden, Sweden

Peter wrote:

Peter 14-Dec-15 10:59
I went to Kaprun this summer and didn’t see any suitable locations (only advanced slopes) but it’s easy to not see them when there is no snow.

Remember looking up at the mountain and judging steepness always seems less than when looking down from the summit.


Regarding accomodation near LOWZ: My wife and I stayed for a long skiing weekend at the hotel Mavida in Zell am See and were very satisfied. This was 2011, however, and there seems to have been a change of management in the meantime. They had a free shuttle to the skiing slopes departing on something like 20 minutes notice – even to Kaprun/Kitzsteinhorn.

I’m currently skiing nearby (Saalfelden/Leogang) and will try to post a pic tomorrow. Finally, there’s snow forecast for tonight…

LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost, Austria

Am I right that the buses are free for [what looks like] skiers? This was the case where I was 2 weeks ago, near Innsbruck. All totally free. The driver looks at you and even a “ski backpack” does the job.

Which is not to say they are convenient, especially running say once an hour.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Im really hesitant to fly into LOWZ. My plane is not a good short field performer. The wind would have to be right with no runway contamination and the plane would have to be mid weight. The density alt in the winter would definitely help.

Other thing to consider is that from my Munich apt Kaprun is 2.5 hrs away by car. I dont drive like the Germans 250 Km/hr but at a more leisurely 160 Km/hr so that is why it is 2.5 Hrs.of course that is assuming 0 traffic and no long border waits due to Angela mayhem.

From my apt it is 35-40 mins to EDMA. Preflight 30 mins (or more if taking off the wing covers) then 1 hr. If I need preheat probably then I might have to drive out to plug in if the FBO wont or cant do it. The flying time would be 30 mins (0 wind). Tie down with wing covers and hopefully find an electric outlet for preheat about 45 mins. Car rental 30 mins. That is approx 3-3:30 hrs and I would still need to travel to the hotel.


I don’t know if there are free busses in Zell am See. That depends on the tourism policy of the respective ressorts/towns. Anyways, a hotel shuttle is always more convenient.

Im really hesitant to fly into LOWZ

I’m not familiar with C210 performance data, but Senecas are frequently flying into LOWZ (at least one is based there). They also have a resident PA32R which is doing sightseeing runs with well-nourished tourists in the heat of summer

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LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost, Austria

It’s a good point that a “free bus” is a silly concept. They cost virtually nothing anyway

A C210 can easily do LOWZ, I would think. Well, not with snow on the runway, but surely they clear the snow?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes, they have regular snow removal and are generall a really well run and professional aerodrome.

The issue with LOWZ in winter is frequent low clouds/fog and no suitable alternate because of the GA parking restrictions in LOWS and LOWI.

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LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost, Austria

I got a photo a few days ago from a friend on Kaprun, with a layer of solid fog underneath him, with LOWZ down inside that… Obviously one would not depart (e.g. the UK) if there is fog already, but does the fog clear each day, or does it stay for days or weeks at a time?

If one cannot do Salzburg as an alternate then any alternate is going to be a very long way to reach some place you booked for staying in. Obviously one could fly to say Friedrichshafen but that’s a very long way away.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

Obviously one could fly to say Friedrichshafen but that’s a very long way away.

Your best alternate in this scenario would probably be Linz (LOWL). Airport of entry, ILS, all the services. Not exactly round the corner, but on the ‘Westbahn’, main E-W rail line in Austria. With a train change in Salzburg you can probably be in LOWZ in about 2-3 hours. You can possibly even get hangarage there.

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