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Slovenia /Croatia

Looking for a GA friendly airfield for a 24/48 hour stopover on the way back from Italy VFR.

Ideally, near to small town on coast, with hotel, local restaurants. Beach not required but bicycles would be nice, and of course Avgas, secure parking.

Thanks for any inputs.

United Kingdom

First airport that comes to mind considering where you will be departing from in Italy is Losinji (LDLO)

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Sabaudia airstrip

Losinj is lovely, and Portoroz in Slovenia is also a very nice spot to stay in.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom


FYI, Losinj - while a very nice place - is rather expensive for landing. Calculate about 70 Euros for a 24 hour stopover. Portoroz will be about half of that.

Fuel is marginally cheaper in Portoroz than in Losinj.

Also consider that, if you choose Croatia, you will have to use a customs airport both at the start (Italy) as well as where you are going after Croatia. At least in Italy, there are not many airports that are both "GA-friendly" and "customs".

Pula is rather boring (but fees are lower than in Losinj.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Losinj is lovely, and Portoroz in Slovenia is also a very nice spot to stay in.

Could you get to town (Piran) from Portoroz airport?

FWIW last time I was in Piran the hotels were full, but the manager of a prominent one took me to a waterfront restaurant where the owner rented me (solo) a perfectly nice room upstairs for something like 30 Euro. Anyway, Piran is a nice place to hang out for an evening.

I have a trip writeup via Portoroz here.

We got a lift from the airport to the hotel in a friend's car.

Ljubljana LJLJ is another option - another well organised airport, and the city has plenty for everybody. Writeup here.

To check costs, you obviously need to contact the airport, etc. They do vary, though I would suggest that a difference of say €50 can easily get buried in hotel costs or taxi fares. Such is travelling at short notice! If you want to control costs tightly you need to use an airline and pre-book everything weeks in advance.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Pula airport is boaring but the town itself should not be - at least for one day stopover. It's much larger than Portoroz or Piran and it has one of the most preserved Roman arenas - IMHO more beautiful than Rome's or Verona's - it's stone built unlike others brick built or brick repaired. The only downside landing in Croatia if you travel from Italy and continue somewhere to Schengen states is that you need customs. However, all these airports feature customs and are not crowded and procedure lasts exactly 2 minutes.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

For a flight to Croatia does a €70 landing fee actually move the needle?

EGTK Oxford

For this trip there will probably be no landing fees in Italy (at least at two of the stopovers) ... so Croatia will not be an overkill.

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Sabaudia airstrip

Thanks for all the suggestions. Good info, and particularly on the Italy/Croatia customs and reports on Portoroz.

AfricanEagle has guessed correctly, we are a group of RVs going very loosely to Castiglione del Lago and Sansepolcro. Do you have any suggestions on a Customs airport in this area and where Avgas is available?

Out of interest, I am looking to go to Elba also, phoned yesterday and landing charges better than posted on another forum:

Elba - Marina Di Campo – LIRJ Landing and AFIS: 20e 24 hrs parking: 10e Avgas: 3.52e

Thanks again.

United Kingdom
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