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Socata TB20 VS Cirrus SR22

Snoopy wrote:

When Peter gets a TBM I’ll buy his TB20 :)

Waiting for Godot :)

EGTK Oxford

Yes, in the immense confusion one thing alone is clear.

Enstone (EGTN), Oxford (EGTK)

Often, factors other than the actual aircraft type make a big difference. Currently, I am grounded with a rough running engine and could be grounded for months, with potentially the engine having to be removed and shipped to the US for a stripdown – because I have no suitable maintenance facilities at my base. Whereas somebody based next to a Cirrus dealer can just push it into their hangar and get it sorted there and then. And there are a lot more Cirrus dealers… They make a lot of money, too, partly due to new aircraft sales, and partly because the customers in that price bracket are not too reticent with their cheque books, so they usually offer a good service.

Many years ago, there used to be a really excellent Toyota dealer near where I live. The whole area soon filled up with Toyota Celicas (the ones with the popup headlamps ) and others. Similarly, Guernsey has a load of Rockwell Commanders, because ASG work on them.

Same with avionics. If you are based next to a Garmin dealer, you can look a lot more favourably at going for a plane with “glass” than for example I would.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I have little to say on the matter except that the TB20 is not suitable for tall people. I was permanently wedged between the pilot seat and the cabin ceiling when flying the TB20. I am 1.92 m tall.

I dunno how the SR22 compares to this. Most SEPs seem unsuitable for modern tall people of N. Europe cabin-space wise.

Novice pilot
EDVM Hildesheim, Germany

The GT has about 5-10cm more headroom.

However, we have no idea of the OP’s budget. It might be 50k, which will get you a very early and knackered 1983 TB20 which will cost a fortune to fix and maintain

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

…and there are solutions to increase the headroom. Altering the seat cushioning and/or webbing can give you 4-5cm if done correctly.
Several folks have apparently done that.
With 1.78 there is no problem for me, even with bulky headset :-)

EDM_, Germany

I had my knee blocking the yoke in a TB21 GT. Cirrus is allright for tall people. Mooney, however, is the best for the long-legged flyer :-)

EBST, Belgium

airways wrote:

Mooney, however, is the best for the long-legged flyer :-)

Only for two tall flyers (I would not call it 4/5 pob aircraft as TB20/SR22)

ESSEX, United Kingdom

In my case a 3-seater with a little bit of fuel

EBST, Belgium

+1 for the ‘tall people in a TB20’ issue. I Just about fit at 188cm / 6’2", but touch pretty much on all sides including headliner.

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