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South of France (an airport for a convenient stop)

Darparting this Friday for a weeks trip. Planning Piran and Bol in Brac. I’m looking for a nice stop in south of France for a couple of nights other than Cannes or Montpellier as the first leg will start at Guernsey (EGJB). It’s just too long a flight direct to Piran or Brac. Any suggestions?


Nîmes is nice. Some impressions here (you might want/need to use Garons instead of Courbessac, but Garons is quite fine, too).

Avignon is also very much worth it, and their airport (LFMV) is fine.

If you want to see Marseille, you’ll want to use Aix-en-Provence (no “customs” there though, so you can’t fly direct from the Guernsey). Cuers is currently closed (and no customs either).

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+1 for Nimes and Avignon. Very simple to use, beautiful approaches, and the cities are well worth a stay.


Avignon is great. I was there only once, but will go back. Sometimes very high winds but almost always it’s on the runway (Mistral).

+1 for Avignon, very nice airport and facilities


This is interesting. On the way back from Brac a week ago I chose Cannes (because of wx over the Alps and strong headwinds precluded a direct Brac-Shoreham flight) and in retrospect it was very efficient but at €100 not exactly cheap. Avignon is probably a lot cheaper but also a lot further west so you burn more avgas.

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Cannes is normally 30 euros, unless you park on that apron I was never offered :)

Thanks for the suggestions. We have done Avignon a couple of times now. Will look at Nimes as we have never been. If I end up in Cannes, I will have handling and park on Tango.


Avignon is great, as Alexis said you just need to plan for the crazy winds there (the “Mistral” can easily be above 30kts). We visited Avignon 2 weeks ago, we beat our GS record on short final (something like 40 knots maybe). Nice place though and if you travel with kids they will love singing on the “bridge of Avignon” :)

(Plan for like 40eur/day of parking fees though)

Regarding Cannes, I still don’t know if there is a way to just refuel there without paying for €60. Maybe my mistake was to contact them beforehand and ask for hard surface parking, but I also did say I just wanted a quick fuel stop. The problem with handlers almost everywhere is that they will grab you if they can, knowing you are not going to be in a position to argue.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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