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South of France (an airport for a convenient stop)

I paid 30 early September. In my case, taxied to pump, refuelled, waited for instructor (for st tropes qualification) and left.

But previously about same cost and staying about a day

Interesting… Cannes

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Does Nimes have customs? If it’s a nice scenic place would stay for a couple of nights.


Yes it does.


Yes, 0800-1700 local (possibly later with prior notice and check costs beforehand!

Below from AIP, UTC (remove 1h during summer / daylight saving)

En dehors de ces HOR / Outside these SKED:
- Vol entre / Flight between 1600 et / and 2100 : PN avant / before 1500.
- Vol après / Flight after 2100 : PN 24 HR.
- SAM, DIM et JF/ SAT, SUN and HOL : PN avant / before 1500 le dernier jour ouvrable / on the last

+1 for Avignon …either for a quick stop, night in the airport hotel or a night in the city.

I’ve used it a couple of times in the last month. Fees for a PA32 approx 35 euro for landing and a nights parking. Easy refuling. Friendly staff with good English and efficient. It can be windy in Avignon!

They can arrange customs / immigration I just emailed them [email protected] or call +33 4 90 81 51 51 31. Although it says handling they don’t charge handling for light GA.

There is a hotel literally 50m from the airport. Ive stayed there on a stopover it’s basic but clean and has a pool and restaurant.

The city is well worth a visit. It’s a 10-15min taxi. They have Uber in Avignon.

Shoreham (EGKA) White Waltham (EGLM)

Avignon was 24H PN for customs. I had to do a “shimmy” last time I stayed there. See my previuos trip report.


Avignon is great … you just need to plan for the crazy winds there (the “Mistral” can easily be above 30kts).

Not really a problem as they are always straight down the runway.

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