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Spain, Menorca LEMH/LESL, 7/8 October 2017

Is anyone interested in a meet-up down there?

We did Burgos in 2016.

Spain is a good location for this part of the year because they usually have reasonable wx compared to S or SE Europe. Also it would be great to give Spanish pilots an opportunity to come along.

EDIT: telegram group joining link:

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I will try to join if I can.

Got a 2 months old baby at home, so can’t promise anything.

LFBZ, France

@Coolhand @aart are two Spanish pilots I know about but I am sure there are many more here.

Any suggestions regarding locations? The usual requirements to get a good turnout are

  • customs/immigration
  • avgas
  • IFR capable
  • hard runway
  • scenic

Personally I have done Granada, Zaragoza, Salamanca, San Sebastian, Valencia, Barcelona, Burgos, Pamplona and probably a few others. The first three of those are IMHO especially interesting (the Alhambra, etc).

One new place I was thinking of was Valladolid but I know little about it.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I will say we’re NOT COMING. Maybe that will make it happen. Right now we’re planning Crete or one of the Greek islands for Oct 5-8, but the destination could change. It will also depend on completing some maintenance being done now in Serbia. Greece is more likely, but Spain is tempting. When would this happen? For the record, let me repeat, We aren’t gonna show.

As a planned no-show, I would vote for the south.

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Tököl LHTL

Peter come to Porto… Not too far from Salamanca. Land at LPVL (Maia) or if you really need IFR and customs LPPR.

Surely Portugal is nice too! But maybe quite far for most of us. Plus a higher chance of bad weather in October/November.

Valladolid is fine. No-hassle airport, ticking the boxes. City is nice for a weekend, comparable to Burgos.

Not in Peter’s logbook and something to consider:

Castellon, LECH. Spain’s newest airport. A little nearer than the centre of Spain for most . It does not tick the box for culture though. It is basically a not-too-fancy beach tourist destination. If the weather is good, that can be advantage for Northeners before getting into winter. November would be too late, mid October still a fair chance of beach wx and swimming.

Menorca, LEMH. This is the main airport that ticks the aviation related boxes. Landing fees plus mandatory handling plus a few days of parking will set you back 150-200 euros. Next to it is San Luis, LESL, VFR only, and a great field. Voluntary landing fees, and a great restaurant right at the platform. My friend Jorge from Uruguay runs it and grills the most delicious meat.. Don’t worry Peter, if I join I’ll ask my wife to prepare you a survival kit of our home grown stuff: biodynamic veggies, wine and free-range eggs.. Menorca is a small island, but very charming. Mahon, the capital, is 5 min by taxi and is small, but cute. Lots of British and French heritage.

Peter can do one of his famed 6-7 hours legs (straight over the Pyrenees) to LEMH. Schengenists, may want to go to LESL. Note, no fuel at LESL, so some planning needed. Fuel available at LEMH of course, but landing there is costly, see above. My home base Son Bonet is a good refuel option, as are fields in Southern France of course. LESL is regularly used for fly-ins. There have been Diamond and Cirrus gatherings a few years ago. Of course there is quite some water to cross. On the other hand, it is somewhat nearer for those coming from the East and North East.

Not sure whether I can join, I’ll do my best

EDIT: in case of iffy weather, an IAP can be done to LEMH, breaking off to LESL. Literally 2 miles away, parallel rwys

Last Edited by aart at 14 Sep 19:55
Private field, Mallorca, Spain

Menorca would be more tempting but for me it is max 30% chance appearing there…

LKHK, Czech Republic

Geekyflyer….suggests Porto or LPVL, I know that Porto and Faro were exempt, but what happened to that Notam requiring 24 hrs notice and a shed load of paperwork for arriving or departing any other Portuguese airfield from elsewhere in the EU, effectively almost cutting off Cascais and Portimao etc from the rest of Europe?

LEMH is doable from the southern UK

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

By then, I will be retired and so interested !
Already been to LESL. Very nice place.

EBST, Belgium
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