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Peter, Is there a way of putting together something similar to Hangar talk or Trips and Airports, where people can give specific information about airports they visited regarding costs and ground travel from the airport and fuel prices? In addition when they visited along with dates, as well as the contact info., with whom and how their contacts were made. I know it will quickly go stale but its at least something. Going back over these long threads is time consuming with no guarantee of getting the info your looking for. A lot of people put information up about their trips but for some reason never mention that which is really important to know about for a pilot. Im not sure if they are hiding the cost from the tax man or from their spouse. God Im getting so politically correct cause I did not say wife.


This came up before here and here.

The best way to find airport info here on EuroGA is a search on the ICAO code. I usually edit these in, where people don’t put them in, so that searches are productive.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter What Im requesting is as you have that strip above Home Articles Classifieds etc. is to put one in there using the ICAO identifier that then lists newest to oldest input. The information is basically a PIREP but controlled with fill in the blanks. Like Landing fee price Handling fee is it required Y or N if Y then how much? Tie down fee Hangar overnight availability and if Y then how much. Numbers to contact Who did you contact (after an hour of pulling out your hair finally getting the correct number cause the number in th AIP was wrong.) Is there a passenger charge? Rental cars on site Y es No how much Public transport etc. You get the picture.I dont want to know how scenic it is although that can be included in the comments section.

The way it is now you have to read through a bunch of pages some of it nonsense.

I know I would definitely contribute and I believe I have.

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