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Any C-reg for rent in Europe ?

I am looking into the Canadian IR before converting to EASA. I would need to fly 50h PIC IFR on the Canadian certificate. I could fly some there but it would be easier to do most in Europe.
Has anyone heard of a C-reg IFR aircraft for rent wherever in Europe ?


Why do you believe the experience must be gained on a Canadian aircraft?


Because I guess with a Canadian IR I can only fly IFR in a C-reg or in Canadian airspace. Am I wrong ?

An EU resident when operating a third-country aircraft in EU is required by the Basic Regulation to hold an appropriate licence granted or validated under the Aircrew Regulation or granted in pursuance of a Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement with a third country (one is pending with US only). This requirement does not apply to aircraft described in Annex I, formerly Annex II, to the Basic Regulation save for some when used in commercial air transport. UK, Republic of Ireland, and others, render a Canadian licence valid for such Annex I aircraft.

UK has published an exemption (ORS4 No 1220 & 1228 expiring on or before 7 Apr 2019) from this Basic Regulation requirement for US airman certificates, issued at and above the private pilot level, permitting their use by EU residents at the private pilot privilege level on US-registered civil aircraft operated in UK. It would however require the conversion of your Canadian licence and ratings to FAA equivalents.


I don’t recall even seeing a C-reg plane in Europe.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

So may anyone with a Canadian license fly a G-reg or an EI-reg with no conversion required ?
The other way is to immediately convert to the FAA one, and then fly N-reg, but the 8 April deadline applies.

Funny enough I saw a C-reg pa28 in the region of EIWF on flight radar this morning. The only other one I’ve seen is a survey aircraft that works in Ireland.

EIWT, Ireland

Jujupilote wrote:

So may anyone with a Canadian license fly a G-reg or an EI-reg with no conversion required ?

Yes but only if the aircraft is:

  • under Canadian oversight and operated in Canada, or,
  • described in Annex I to the Basic Regulation and the flight is not for the purpose of commercial air transport.

Annex I aircraft are generally excluded from the scope of the Basic Regulation by article 3, and therefore from the Aircrew Regulation (eg requirement to hold a Part-FCL licence), however there a few ways for these aircraft to be brought under the Basic Regulation although derogations are possible. See articles 3 and 4. UK deems ICAO Annex 1-compliant licences valid for UK-registered non-EASA aircraft at article 150 of the Air Navigation Order 2016 (link). See article 21(6) of the Basic Regulation on the crediting of hours gained on Annex I aircraft.

Permit aircraft may be approved by UK CAA for IFR operations and this is likely to be a more fruitful avenue for your stated objective.


Going back to basics, Juju, as you are in France, has France extended the EASA FCL derogation, discussed variously here ?

The UK has done so until April 2019, ostensibly while the US-EASA FCL treaty is being worked on.

If Yes then you can just keep an N-reg in France, and fly it purely on FAA papers.

The UK LAA (G-reg homebuilt) IFR process has not quite died but has run out of resources, with the last I heard being a wait of about 1 year for the airframe approval. Also it is limited by airspace limitations e.g. France allows homebuilt IFR but Germany does not.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Ok so I could fly a UK permit IFR aircraft.
Should be easier to travel to Canada :(

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