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The future of IR (R) and EASA BIR


Apologies if this has been recently debated, but couldn’t find any thread.

Does anyone know what is the future if IR R after March? Can someone start training for an IR R or wait to find out what will the CAA decide?

On another note, does anyone know what is the progress/status of the EASA Basic Instrument Rating? Does it have the potential to be IR (R) in steroids? :)

Wishing you all a fabulous 2019.

EGMA, United Kingdom

There is a strong feeling in the CAA that the IMCR and IR(R) should be retained at least until the BIR comes on line. My expectation is that then then the IR(R) will be dropped in favour of the BIR, but the IMCR retained for Annex I aircraft (as we must now call them.)

At that point, the most sensible route for people who want a BIR but not to go to an ATO will be to get an IMCR and then convert it to a BIR.

However, as with every other aspect of our lives, all this will depend on the Brexit (or lack of) that our ******* leaders end up settling on.

If it is truly hard, then there will be no EASA membership, so all bets are off; if it’s May’s plan, or Norway, or probably Canada, then we will be controlled by EASA but have no say; and if there is a second referendum and we remain, it will probably be as above.

EGKB Biggin Hill
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