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FAA Piggyback PPL

What would be the process of getting the FAA piggyback license based on my German PPL? I will be in the US in July for two weeks. Based on the earlier discussions, the time should be enough to get one.

Günzburg EDMG

I guess you need a German LBA document to get an FAA verification letter of your PPL, the rest should be like everywhere else?

ESSEX, United Kingdom
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Thanks Snoopy. Of course, I conducted the search and missed your thread, which should be helpful.

I asked this because many have described the process from CAA UK perspective. And I am not aware how to contact the German authorities concerning the letter of verification step.

Günzburg EDMG

Isn’t the FAA doing that request to the CAA directly? At least it is so in The Netherlands.

EHRD, Netherlands

AeroPlus wrote:

Isn’t the FAA doing that request to the CAA directly? At least it is so in The Netherlands.

I am not sure about this in Germany. If it is the case, could someone confirm it? It doesn’t become clear from Snoopy’s description either.

Günzburg EDMG

You request a foreign validation letter from the FAA by fax using their form. They will enquire information about your EASA license from your CAA and that is why it takes some time to get that foreign validation letter back from the FAA. The letter will say something like this: “The Airmen Certification Branch, AFS 760, has received the attached confirmation that the following airman’s foreign license and medical certificate or endorsement have been verified as current and valid by the Netherlands Civil Aviation Authority.” The letter also expires about 6 months later as stated in the letter.

EHRD, Netherlands

I think if you don’t have to pay any money to German LBA, then I don’t see why they will ask you for anything else: just a matter of exchanging details held by LBA to FAA, probably they may need a signature to release personal details?

In the UK, there is a fee involved on UK side for such service, CAA will not send your details unless you fill-up the form and pay

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ESSEX, United Kingdom

If you read French the process is well described by a guy who did it recently. You can access the document from this belgian aviation blogger site here

When i did mine request a few years ago, I followed exactly the same process as described in the document except that I had to make a special request for accessing the FSDO premises as it is a federal building and I am a foreigner (cfr remark ).

I started the whole process of getting all the necessary documents/authorizations in September. All was completed end October despite a mishap with the FSDO access request (my trip was planned in March so plenty of spare time…)

You are will in time… no stress

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