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CBIR course provider suggestion

I want to start the CBIR theory course and need an ATO that can provide this. I live in Cyprus (and my license is also issued by Cyprus authority), but there is only one ATO in Cyprus providing IR and none providing CBIR. So I would prefer a provider from another EASA country which gives opportunities for distance learning and minimum of classroom hours. Could you give me any recommendations?
Another question is about CBIR and IR difference concerning HPA (high performance) rating. As I understood, CBIR missed some theory parts that were needed for HPA rating. I plan to fly a turboprop in a few years. Can I pass an additional exam for HPA when I need it, or it’s more practical to do the full IR course from the beginning?

LCPH, Cyprus

You can get the HPA separately in an ATO. Few hours theory only and a flight. Easy.

Indiv. CBIR Instruction

I did mine at the Luxembourg Flight Training Academy, but for me it was mostly for proximity. The theory is done nearly entirely remotely with computer-based training. I don’t remember exactly, but I think I had only one or two classroom courses. The course is the Jeppesen/Boeing one, which I didn’t find of good pedagogical quality, nor adapted to private pilots / small planes. However, it got me through, mostly by banging the question bank, I must say.


I did the CBIR (with Institut Mermoz in french) and am currently in the process of an HPA course (with CAT Europe). You will just need to do an additional “HPA IR Add-on” module in the HPA that bridges the supposed gap between the “full” IR theory and the CBIR theory. In my course, it’s a 197 page PDF which I found mildly interesting to completely daft. The latter pertaining to course content about “what is a transponder” including mode A, mode C, codes 7500 to 7700 etc., stall warning devices on light airplanes (yes the buzzer type), or the all time favourite EFIS course. At least they based that one off the A320 which I found interesting. Other parts are more interesting, like radio altimeters, TCAS, TAWS or even the MLS (microwave landing system), which is only explained in past tense though.

So, i would definitely not recommend doing the full IR now only because you want to fly a HPA later.

Snoopy wrote:

You can get the HPA separately in an ATO. Few hours theory only and a flight.

Are you sure? I was told the HPA was purely a theory course. Then of course you need an HPA class rating (if you want to fly a TBM) or a type rating, which will include an exam flight. But these aren’t any different whether you already have another HPA type rating or not.

I was told the HPA was purely a theory course

AFAIK, yes. Previous thread on HPA.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Rwy20 wrote:

I was told the HPA was purely a theory course.

I stand corrected, no flight required (there are some training outfits that include one). As long as the course provider is a licensed ATO it is fine, whether it’s 100% online theory or not.

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Indiv. CBIR Instruction

Any of you have recommendations for training providers for the
EASA IR (A) theoretical part (distance learning)?

CAT, Bristol, etc..?

Can the theory and practical training be done at two different ATOs (eg one UK, the other german)?

Thank you!

Indiv. CBIR Instruction

If you like freelance style probably one day off work and off you go for exams
You still have to take weekdays off to do exams

ESSEX, United Kingdom

They want a PPL (H)… an oversight on their part, perhaps?

Last Edited by Snoopy at 23 Aug 23:39
Indiv. CBIR Instruction

I used CAPT and it’s excellent particularly as the classroom element was just one day on a Saturday for me.

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