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CBIR course provider suggestion

Charlie, Saturday was it at White Waltham or Preswick?

ESSEX, United Kingdom

I randomly managed to do it with Phil at Littlehampton but not sure that’s an option now. I would have done WW given I’m London based.

As an aside, I used AviationExam for most of my learning. Fundamentally the aim is to pass and that’s the quickest way to do it. Whole thing basically took me 4 days on the studying (see

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Oxford EGTK

Any of you have recommendations for training providers for the
EASA IR (A) theoretical part (distance learning)?

Can the theory and practical training be done at two different ATOs (eg one UK, the other german)?

AFAIK the training provider must be supervised by the CAA where you want to do the exam. I.e. using CATS in UK for taking the exam in Germany may not be possible. So your choice may be limited depending on where you want to do the theoretical exam.

I’m signed up with SafetyWings in Switzerland, mostly because of proximity and taking the exam in CH.

Once you have completed all theoretical exams, you could do the practical training and the skill test elsewhere within EASA-land (confirmed by my CAA). However, you / the school / the examiner must comply with the regulations listed in the “EASA examiner differences document” (first hit in Google) and that could be an issue, depending on your CAA. Some authorities appear pretty relaxed, others…. have their way to potentially reduce the number of examinations taken abroad….
Hence I would first contact the school where I consider taking the practical training to make sure they don’t back out when getting in touch with your CAA to register for your practical examination.

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Zurich area, Switzerland
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