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Moved to the UK, have US FAA PPL

for any ICAO licence holder to fly uk registered non-easa aircraft.....presumably until 2014....

No, the intention is to comply with the recommendations of ICAO Annex 1 and preserve the right of ICAO licence holders to fly G Reg aircraft that are under UK control at all times.

It was the CAAs intention to preserve this right for EASA aircraft until 2014 but there has obviously been no communication between the Legal and Licensing Depts.

EASA who are not an ICAO signatory disregard ICAO Annex 1 even thought it is one of their stated objectives in Reg 216/2008:

(d) to assist Member States in fulfilling their obligations under the Chicago Convention, by providing a basis for a common interpretation and uniform implementation of its provisions, and by ensuring that its provisions are duly taken into account in this Regulation and in the rules drawn up for its implementation;

What hope is there when an organisation makes rules that contradict its fundamental objectives?


Do I have to do anything to just rent G registrated planes and fly them in the UK with my FAA license ?

I have meanwhile also a UK CAA EU class 2 Medical.


I thought it were 3 exams. Air law, Human performance and VFR radiotelephony.

Also next to the mentioned class 2 medical you need a practical Radiotelephony exam and a valid LPE.


It is air law and human performance to get a UK PPL. And 100hrs past PPL skills test. I did this to get a UK JAR PPL some years ago.

EGBE - Coventry, United Kingdom

It's indeed 2 tests. From the EASA FCL:

Pilot licences for non-commercial activities without an instrument rating

  1. In the case of private pilot licences, or CPL and ATPL licences without an instrument rating where the pilot intends only to exercise private pilot privileges, the holder shall comply with the following requirements:

(a) demonstrate that he/she has acquired knowledge of Air Law and Human Performance;

(b) pass the PPL skill test as set out in Part-FCL;

(c) fulfil the relevant requirements of Part-FCL for the issuance of a type or class rating as relevant to the privileges of the licence held;

(d) hold at least a Class 2 medical certificate issued in accordance with Annex 1 to the Chicago Convention;

(e) demonstrate that he/she has acquired language proficiency in accordance with FCL.055;

(f) have a minimum experience of at least 100 hours as pilot in the relevant category of aircraft.


Thanks, so (b) I will have to do the practical flying test, right ?


Do I have to do anything to just rent G registrated planes and fly them in the UK with my FAA license ?

The Posts subsequent to this one (#13 on) give good direction for converting your ICAO licence to an EASA licence. However between posts #06 and #08 (which seem to have opposite interpretations), I am still not sure whether you can't just fly day VFR on your FAA certificate (until 2014)....perhaps one more definitive statement from Tumbleweed?

EGPD / OMDW / YPJT, United Kingdom

Just to clarify matters, the privilege that disappeared from Article 62 reappeared in Article 78 via an Exemption in ORS4-915 and is valid until 8 April 2014. What an obtuse way of doing things!

Validation of licences 78 Except for a Part-FCL licence the CAA may issue a certificate of validation rendering valid for the purposes of this Order any flight crew licence granted under the law of any country other than that of the United Kingdom.

Right, thanks for doing the digging YSS can fly a G reg private, VFR (and presumably IFR outside CAS if he has an IR) under the reinstated automatic validation of his non EASA licence up to 8 April 2014....he can use this time to get an EASA licence at his leisure whilst continuing to fly on his FAA certificate....YSS, just to avoid any doubt, I would print out a copy of the ORS4 in the link

EGPD / OMDW / YPJT, United Kingdom

As you are at Gloucester, pop into Cotswold Aero Club and talk to Phil Mathews. He will get you sorted out and flying in short order.

Gloucester UK (EGBJ)
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