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Wekcome Mark and congrats on the full IR. Most countries (rightly) don’t put the CB reamrk into the license.

How many flight hours of instruction did it take you? Did you do all training at an ATO, or some of it outside an ATO?

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

Thanks Bosco
So, I had enough IR R time both instruction/enroute for theoretical minimum of 10 at an ATO however,
…it took 11 hours in the Sim and about another 25 in my plane to get to standard. It was a bit stop start around work/life commitments , my old plane probably made it a bit more difficult and at 53 , let’s just say I dont think being older is an advantage ! About 6 months for the TK and 5 for the flying . Don’t ask the cost ! Was it worth it ? I think you need to believe it is for the experience , knowledge gained and achievement alone , but as said I do get around a bit so will definitely use it .

Congrats, MarkH

You will find Eurocontrol IFR a whole new world compared to the Class G IMC hacking one does on the IMC-R. Controlled airspace becomes irrelevant (while you are IFR, and until you get dropped out of CAS at the UK end ) and the flight becomes largely a game of aircraft capability versus weather, getting shortcuts, etc.

It’s interesting how you did it. I don’t think many people have followed this route as yet.

I was 49 when I did the FAA IR in 2006 so I know what you mean

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Thanks Peter and for the inspiration provided by your trip reports which show what is possible for the private pilot to achieve.
Another CB IR pass at PAT Bournemouth yesterday so they are trickling through but it’s still a big ask in terms of time/money/commitment for the average pilot. The TK , though quite interesting, is still not really fit for purpose , a single exam covering all the key stuff would be better.

A big well done MarkH, I completed mine a couple of months ago with Rate One in Gloucester. I’ve a couple of IFR Trips now, one to Dinard and the other to La Rochelle. The IR certainly make travelling a lot easier. I’ve been using a Turbo Arrow4 which only has a basic autopilot (no altitude hold) and its been fine to fly it trimmed and maintain altitude within the limits.


Thanks Rob – congratulations to you too !
I am hoping to fly IFR to La Rochelle next month (been there lots of times VFR) , “seems” relatively straightforward on Autorouter , any tips gratefully received !
Yes altitude hold would be nice , as would more power, O2 etc – but plenty seem to do quite a lot with less, which is encouraging.

In any half OK wx, La Rochelle is a really nice destination. That latitude is about where the wx starts to really improve over the UK’s, and the city is 10/10 scenic.

Search the forum for La Rochelle (we had a fly-in there in 2013) and you will find tips but basically it’s trivial. The airport is easy. It has an airside kiosk where you pay, and a dedicated GA gate where you pick up a code which works for 2 days so you can get back in without going via the Ryanair queue. Parking is on grass (unless, IIRC, you deal with Handling and probably pay some more €€€) but the grass is OK (for my TB20, anyway), with care.

I would be very happy to do a meet-up there, anytime, but would need clear wx because I am trying to clear-out my engine so need to fly at reasonable power (FL100 or less).

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Don’t expect to fly the waypoints that autorouter gives you to La Rochelle. It’s seems whatever you file London wants you to exit UK airspace via ORTAC and Jersey zone. Which has happened to me twice now. Routed to ORTAC JSY DIN. But the did get direct NTS which was a 105NM direct.


Maybe via ORTAC if you are leaving the UK that far west, otherwise you can cross near the middle. See here for example.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Congrats and well done MarkH.
How long time did it take from checkride pass to getting the papers back?

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pmh, Denmark
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