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CB-IR / CB IR / CBIR (merged)

A list of CB IR approved ATOs?

Is there such a list anywhere, for each country in Europe?

Presumably it would be country-specific since the approval is done by each national CAA, no?

There will be two categories of ATO of interest: ground school, and flight training.

In the UK, CATS generally tends to get favourable reports for the first one.

And any ATO which has been doing the JAA IR flight training ought to be able to do the CB IR. The standard issues will be same as always e.g. whether they are willing to do it in your aircraft (if you are an owner) and whether the aircraft meets the requirements (itself a moving target).

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

For The Netherlands, the list of Approved Training Organisations and the training they offer is here

There is currently only one ATO that offers Competence Based / IR Enroute training in The Netherlands: Singles & Twins at EHLE.

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The Swedish list of ATOs is here.

Unfortunately, the list doesn’t tell what training is offered, but the web site links are there, so you can always check for yourself.

There is one non-commercial ATO that offers CB IR – Linköping Flying Club,

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ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

And here is the Austrian list, current as of yesterday: Link

LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost, Austria
LFHV, France

Okay so no official list for UK then, but maybe we can come up with a list of distance courses:
CATS (anyone know if they actually have one yet that differs from traditional IR?)

Anyone else? Any first hand experiences with those?

In Norway, the regulations aren’t even implemented. This means no ATO’s can train for CB-IR or EIR. What is even worse; it’s not even possible to take the rating abroad on a Norwegian license, because the rating does not exist. The only option is to convert to UK or German (for instance) license, but this is rather expensive because the medical records also need so be transferred (according to Flynytt, I have never heard of this medical thing before).


CATS definitely do the CB IR ground school.

The stuff about the medical supposedly being held by the license issuing authority was done supposedly to block “medical tourism”. I know a guy (non-UK N. Europe, shall we say) who has been trying to get a UK medical (and get his license transferred to the UK too) and the UK CAA has been extremely obstructive, demanding the re-doing of his medical, despite there being no indication of it being dodgy

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Although I did my IR in the UK at the end of October, a few weeks before that I spoke to an ATO in Iceland , it must have been September I think, and the ATO said their authority hadn’t even looked at the CBIR or the conversion route yet. At that time they said did not expect any movement in the near future.

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

An ATO in Iceland must be an attractive proposition. I bet the night life options are well wrapped up (yeah, getting my coat…)

Any private IR is a highly specialised and tiny market. The historical JAA IR “production rate” has been around 5-20 people a year (example from 2012-2013 – one cannot tell exactly, because a % of the total of PPL IR issuances published by e.g. the UK CAA were in fact airline pilots who did the PPL then the IR then the CPL and got into the stats just before getting the CPL) with a blip to about 30 c. 2008, IIRC, when one organised group got a slightly discounted rate with CATS and did it en masse.

All those doing the ATPL route (the vast majority of IR students) will be doing the CB IR too but for them it is only the flight training component that is relevant. They will still be doing all the 14 ATPL exams.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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