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Probably the same school :)
Let’s try other and report. I hope DGAC hasn’t changed their mind and told all schools to do so.

I did 30 hours of IR training on my own plane with Henk Ooink at air-stadtlohn. The 10 hours ATO part I did at Teuge with SAS, they where more than happy to train me for the last ten hours. I ended up flying a bit more hours tho. I trained on one of their C172’s. Vliegclub Rotterdam (ATO) was even willing to train me on my own plane, but I opted for Teuge, because it’s closer to home. Not all schools were so accomodating, but it helps to call a few.


I encountered the same attitudes when I contacted a reputable school in Toussus in 2015 after finishing my CBIR theory. I ended up doing my IR with Aero Poznan, and would recommend them if your plan is to fly a Cirrus or similarly equipped glass cockpit afterwards.

For the CB IR route: is a completed cb ir theory course required before flying the 30 „non ato“ hours with an IRI?

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No, you can sequence it how you like

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has a Beagle...
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