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I saw a racing car simulator at Harrods was at the reasonable price of £125K, the sales guy pitched zero risk of losing your driver license or life with that one

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Imagine all the UK CAS busts and losses of separation you could get away with in a sim ;-)

EPKP - Kraków, Poland

While some ATC gamers in VATSIM do take that job very seriously (you get controlled OCAS) I never heard of anyone doing an FSX add-on that include a GASCO hotel course/session

ESSEX, United Kingdom

And sometimes you fall on a 13yo guy that does what he thinks is ok and it is very funny.
For fs2020, hard to tell. I run do on a 1080 watercooled, hard to run smoothly on 4k, but I won’t renew my CG for it. I play with XP on the FF A320 ultimate and I have to say it is really nice, many 320 pilots are making vlog on it and admit it is really close to the real behaviour.

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LFMD, France

I bought my last pc sometime around 2004… it still runs fsX nicely ;), but I need some (eli5*) pointers on what to buy… not majorly expensive but also not junk.

*explain like I’m 5

Indiv. CBIR Instruction

greg_mp wrote:

And sometimes you fall on a 13yo guy that does what he thinks is ok and it is very funny.

Don’t you need a certification to be ATC on VATSIM? (Not a “real” ATC license, of course.)

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

I believe @petakas and @atmilatos are knowledgeable in this area

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

There is certificate to get, I believe after a form to fill correctly, and an online course to follow, and then I believe you can start on small controlled airport during mid morning or afternoon when there is no chance of congestion. Then you accumulate hours and you grow on the ATC scale, like on the pilot side btw.
It is just sometimes surprising because there are very skilled people sometimes, that correct your flight plan on the fly While managing ground and approach with a very local accent – exactly the same as in real – and very proficient, and the same flight while landing on a place you selected to have a controlled arrival, you find the young one, it’s very strange – for someone that really flies.

LFMD, France

Airborne_Again wrote:

Don’t you need a certification to be ATC on VATSIM? (Not a “real” ATC license, of course.)

Yes ATC’s in VATSIM have training courses and pass exams with gradual certificates (Ratings). It is not an easy process but the learning environment and the “hype” of you “taking control” of busy traffic keeps the hobby always in motivation. One of the big advantages (in contrast to real) is that Flightsimmers who fly from to GA to Commercial jets are 99% of the people who later want to become a virtual ATC. This gives a bug headstart to their ATC “training”. They know most of the stuff already, and usually they just have to put it in to context behind the radar screen.
I (and @atmilatos) have served in the past in VATSIM as ATC Instructor and Examiner and, believe me, their tests leave them exhausted in the end !
Its also big fun because for the ATC exams we invite in pilots, so its like a Fly In.
There is even dedicated pilots’ group who get informed (globally) on where is the next ATC test and they declare availability.
I have had scenarios where I as examiner I was intentionally setting up pilots’ attitude and actions to confuse or overload the ATC in training or exam.

On the other hand, pilots to fly in to vatsim do not go through a hard training/exam for ENTRY level. There are Pilot Ratings that as you progress the requirements are higher and higher. The equivalent of Commercial/IFR license I had for my VATSIM rating was equally hard of the real thing. I failed the first time and gave exams again after 2 months. I had missed to spot the STAR limit in a chart and the controller put in that trap for me!
Great great learning environment especially because its between LIVE pilots and LIVE ATCs and all for absolutely free.

There are affiliate pilot training organizations for pilots called Virtual Airlines. So basically the ATC training is done by VATSIM local (national) facilities and the Pilot training is done by Virtual Airlines who fly both on line and off line (off vatsim). Its the pilot who ultimately chooses what way he/she wants to fly.

Recently VATSIM got an upgrade to their voice communication software. I have not seen such a realistic VHF simulation ever in my virtual flying career. Its unbelievable.

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LGMG Megara, Greece

Question to sim experts: is there a multi crew desktop simulator? Two persons at two locations sharing one aircraft with simulated intercom?

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