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CBIR training required

Yes, FAA has a clear definition of XC, in EASA-land I don’t think there is any of local vs XC (e.g “another aerodrome”, “vicinity”, “ATZ”, “contact en-route”, “navigation”, “30km”…), but for sure 6 landings per hour will not do the job (e.g. circuits)

I think AAA will take your words in good faith (except for a logbook with exactly 50h00min XC )

ESSEX, United Kingdom

I’m at 42h x/c and 15 hrs IR training so I would say I’ll be presenting the IAA with 51-52h max! I never found the answer to whether the PPL skills test counts (examiner wrote P1 in my logbook) so I’ll do an extra couple of hours just to be sure.

EIWT, Ireland
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