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Validation of 3rd country licence in France for F-reg aircraft - where (AIP)?


a friend of mine from 3rd country would like to fly French registered aircrafts in France and (also) validate his 3 rd country licence.

Thought AIP GEN 1.3 or GEN 1.5 being the right place to find relevant information but haven’t been successful?

Where is this written down in French AIP?


Requirements are in Article 8 and then Annex III of Part-FCL in

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EGTF, EGLK, United Kingdom

Will a translation of this help?
See in

There are three cases:
- EC or Swiss ICAO PPLs: as long as he can fly an X-reg on his X-PPL and ICAO PPL it should be ok, he may not need to get an EASA ICAO PPL or sub-ICAO LAPL for Annex II
- Other ICAO PPLs, he needs DGAC revalidation, more than 100h PIC helps (+ he may get a flight check if IR is involved)
- Exemptions: there are some on some sub-ICAO PPLs (see UK NPPL in

Some forms are here (any links you find to the so called “minister de transport” are broken now ),

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Thank you guys.

Does French AIP somewhere link to these sources of information?

As third country pilot I’d give the AIP a first try to find relevant information…, not EASA/national regulation (of course AIP referring to these).

Validation or conversion procedures for non-EASA papers to fly national-reg aircraft tend to be specific to each country, and are buried in national regs. A lot are an internal policy of the national CAA and are not published. Especially for acceptance of medicals…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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