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Tannkosh 2013 -- who's coming?

... Cessna wing tents ...

Tents are for sissies, real Tannkoshians either party all night long (preferred option) or sleep on the back seat of their aircraft or can't remember if and where they slept at all ;-)

EDDS - Stuttgart

Party all night long??? Got to get one of these for the return journey then...

I'm certainly coming. My wings are a bit too low to camp under them, but I have a flat-floor cargo space 175 cm long when the back seats are folded.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

Shucks, I'll be not far from there... but not until early September. I'd surely have come otherwise.

Tannheim is (reasonably enough) not far from Laupheim, where once they built wood, metal, and composite aircraft - all three types. I went to Laupheim for a few minutes once, just to have a look at a very nice airport, hardly used. That would be a nice place for a fly in.

I'll be driving to Prague instead where I understand there are many nice things, including an aeronautical museum housing many types I've never seen :-) I have approval to 'depart the pattern' and see the museum as well as the city.

Silvaire, when will you be in Prague? If I am in town, I'll be glad to keep you company at least for that museum, it's an interesting place.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

Hi Ultranomad - Thanks very much... We'll be arriving in Prague early afternoon on September 10th (a Tuesday) and leaving late afternoon on September 12th. I don't know if you're available during that short mid-week window but it would be fun to meet. We were thinking either the 10th or 12th for the museum.

(Sorry for the thread hijack!)

I hoping to be there. As a plain old vanilla PPL holder it will all be weather dependant. Making a bit of a trip of it. Leaving UK on Wednesday and flying to Berlin, then flying down to Tannkosh on the Friday.

EGXY, United Kingdom

< sarcasm > great trip < / sarcasm >

I was doing my run-up with an accepted VFR flight plan, when the C office called me on the radio that München has called Zürich that they won't accept me.

Apparently there was an accident on the runway, causing closure of Tannheim.

There's no info on the homepage (news section) or NOTAM...

LSZK, Switzerland

It appears that a tailwheel double decker did a ground loop after touchdown and crashed into the sideline, tearing the tail of a Katana apart. Police helicopter, rescue helicopter. The rumor is that the pilot is allright but a person on the ground got severely injured but without immediate danger. Runway still closed for unknown reason.

Runway open again, cold front approaching, a lot of pilots waiting for departure. Over 700 aircraft here, really well organized.

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