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TB20 for sale G-BLYD - opinions?


is there anybody who may know details:

Would this be worth to have a look? Not quite sure about…


Which aspect is worrying you, @MSE?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I was just wondering if there may anybody be here who knows the plane in person?

Would like to know if this is a „clean“ bird well worth taking further steps….

First concern is that there is no autopilot, at least none i can find.

Someone here may well know it (I have merely seen it “around” many times) but the obvious thing to check is that a year-2000 engine will likely need a replacement crankshaft (Lyco SB569) and while this has been an AD and should therefore have been done, you never quite know… One cannot tell from the description regarding the autopilot.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Looks like a walk away for me…

Why a “walk away”?
I would take a look if not far.

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Tököl LHTL

I’m never a big fan of these discussing an individual aircraft threads. Be much better to say I’m buying an 1985 TB20 what should I look for?

Threads leave a digital footprint for the aeroplane, and make throw away comments stick more than they ought to. If the shoe was on the other foot and you were selling your TB20 would you want an open discussion on it? I know I had so many opinions of a few of my facebook airplane adverts I just removed them.

Buying, Selling, Flying
EIBR, Ireland

There is some validity in that, William, but

  • the original advert is in the public domain, and while it will eventually disappear nothing stops someone making a screenshot
  • anything in the public domain draws the risk of being debated
  • most first time buyers are relatively clueless about aircraft and equipment and IME they aren’t going to get any useful avice from their flying school/club (whose primary objective is to keep everyone in the renting loop as long as possible)
  • if EuroGA helps someone buy a good plane, or helps them avoid a bad one, I’d say that is a good job done (may be bad for the seller in the latter case, of course, but there is an awful lot of junk for sale, as my email “mailbag” reminds me with great regularity)
  • quite a lot of people choose the wrong person to do a prebuy and end up with a dog regardless
  • in general terms, a 1985 plane is likely to have a pile of issues unless looked after very well
  • many FB users treat FB as an unmoderated site on which anything is OK to post however offensive
Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

It has averaged about 91 hours a year since overhaul. I would be curious as to how those hours distribute, but would price it as a run out given the 18 years. The real issue for me would be the condition of the airframe. I’ll be in the UK late April and think I’ll take a look.

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Tököl LHTL

It depends on what flying you want to do… no autiopilot would be a no go for me personally.

It seems that some planes have been gaining value over the last 4 years. I sold my TB20. G-TBZO for only slightly more than that figure it had 300hours since engine overhaul, Garmin 430, Mode S, updated audio panel, autopilot and theee blade prop… oh and full leather seats and new carpets. The price seems a little rich to me but it is only the asking price :-)

Shoreham (EGKA) White Waltham (EGLM)
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