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The perfect tablet?

Just noticed this new Galaxy Tab Active 8’ 4G

IP67 and can operate in temperatures of -20 to +60. Seems like a perfect gadget for flying as well.


Last Edited by LeSving at 13 Jan 15:59

It does look pretty good

My only concern is the cost of data roaming for a 4G device. It’s mostly prohibitive across Europe at the moment so you wouldn’t get the benefit of the higher speed capability.

FlyerDavidUK, PPL & IR Instructor
EGBJ, United Kingdom

This is an interesting product. Is there an English language description? What is the screen like in sunlight?

These “ruggedised” tablets have always been around. The old IX104 was one of the originals. More recently I nearly bought the Sumo ST312 but it was always too pricey by the time you threw in a few options. But these tablets could come with milspec LCDs which use multiple polariser layers and are amazingly sunlight readable and this was never offered on a consumer device (despite all kinds of wild claims).

I don’t think 4G costs more per MB (UK) although the 4G-enabled contracts do start at the higher prices e.g. £12/month rather than £8/month. What is true is that at say 20mbits/sec you can spend your money at an amazing rate

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Roaming is really rather good value since 1st July 2014. Keep an eye on the mobile carrier offerings for flat rate roaming. I do not think de-proritisation of roaming devices is ‘officially’ allowed either.

There is a wifi only versjon available also apparently. This one is 2g 3g and 4g + WiFi.

It also has a replaceable battery.

Last Edited by LeSving at 14 Jan 07:35

In the UK at least, if you’re on a contract with THREE, you have free data roaming in an increasing number of countries (mostly Europe, but currently also US, OZ and HK and some others)

The Samsung page is here They also sell a “non Active” version.


What isn’t clear is whether you need to buy the cellular version to get GPS – like with the Ipad. But anyway one should because you never know when that may be handy.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Silly question: if you have an iPad with lots of Apps on it and you switch to one of these, presumably you lose all the apps and have to start again. I don’t suppose there’s any easier way round that is there?


Silly question: if you have an iPad with lots of Apps on it and you switch to one of these, presumably you lose all the apps and have to start again.

With some apps that are basically free but you are charged for the data instead (like Jeppesen Mobile Flight Deck) you should be able to transfer your licence to a different tablet.
But why would you want to do that if you already have an iPad?

EDDS - Stuttgart

The subject of this thread is an Android tablet. You can’t put any Ipad (IOS) apps onto it.

Some apps may exist for both IOS and Android, but the licensing on these platforms normally relies on it being tied to the hardware i.e. on the device not being jailbroken.

I don’t think Jepp do any of their IOS apps in Android versions. Android is pretty easy to jailbreak (to “root”).

Why drop IOS and go to Android? I would hope that a ruggedised tablet like this didn’t suffer from the overheating which so many pilots report on the Ipad (myself included; it’s useless in a warm cockpit, especially in sunlight and especially if being charged during flight).

Android also has far more functionality and an accessible file system. Whether you need that or not is highly debatable both ways I would suggest it depends strongly on whether you want to use it outside the cockpit. I could use an Ipad Mini dedicated to Jepp terminal charts but it would be almost useless to me otherwise.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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