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Top ten (twenty?) busiest GA airfields in your country?

Following on from here can people name theirs?

For the UK, and without having researched the movement numbers, and not in any order, my impression would be:

Shoreham EGKA
Blackbushe EGLK
Stapleford EGSG
Popham EGHP
White Waltham EGLM
Elstree EGTR
Biggin Hill EGKB
Southend EGMC
Bournemouth EGHH

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I am surprised Sherburn didn’t make it to the list.

EGKB Biggin Hill

Excellent feedback!

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

AFAIK we have just short of 30,000 movements a year at Sherburn. Not sure how that ranks. Flying hours have been slightly down the last few years, which presumably is economic.

EGCJ, United Kingdom

Sherburn is also one of the nicest, friendliest and best equipped places to go, with runways in every direction, a decent restaurant and lovely people.

EGKB Biggin Hill

I second Sherburn. My list would also contain:
Fenland (ex Heathrow controller at weekends and so so good)
Nottingham City (least expensive Avgas around)

UK, United Kingdom

Figures for 2015 for Switzerland, rounded to the next 1000 movements.

1. Birrfeld 73k
2. Grenchen 70k
3. Bern 51k*
4. Locarno 42k
5. Sion 41k*
6. Lausanne 37k
7. Wangen Lachen 28k
8. Altenrhein 27k *
9. Triengen 22k
10. Speck Fehraltdorf 21k
11. Lugano 22k *
12. Yverdon 21k
* including airline traffic.

Not many surprises there apart from maybe Wangen Lachen and Speck.

Last Edited by Mooney_Driver at 14 Mar 13:23
LSZH, Switzerland

The Netherlands barely has 10 GA airports. Figures for 2016 are as follows:

  1. EHLE: Lelystad 91 310
  2. EHBD: Budel 49 157
  3. EHHV: Hilversum 45 377
  4. EHTE: Teuge 40 657
  5. EHSE: Seppe 39 647
  6. EHTX: Texel 25 060
  7. EHMZ: Midden-Zeeland 20 451
  8. EHHO: Hoogeveen 12 045
  9. EHAL: Ameland 4 655
  10. EHDR: Drachten 4 380

UK wise I suspect the actual number of movements is substantially down on 10 or 20 years ago.

Didn’t Wycombe air park used to get in the high 90 thousands in terms of movements. And sherburn topped out at 55k which is a hell of a lot more than itvgets today (30k)

Surely Gloucester would be on the list?

EGGD Bristol, United Kingdom
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