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Trig TY91 and Trig TT21 into a PA18-150

I’m thinking of installing Trig TY91 comm and and Trig TT21 transponder into a Super Cub. Does anyone have any experience, tips, comments or thoughts.

Thx in advance.

sorry, it went off while I was cleani...
not in UK

Mine is fitted under the panel where the old K195 COM tray used to be – very pleased with them. Am looking for some rubber angles as the metal angles of the tray are quite sharp.

Will try and get a photo posted later in the week.

Oxford (EGTK)

Friends of mine just did the same, they are satified. I haven’t flown the aircraft since the exchange, but we have the same combination in several aircraft now and I like the units. We haven’t had any problem with them.

Aufwind GmbH
EKPB, Germany

I have a trig tt21 in my Super Cub and it seems just the job. I chose it due to the limited panel area in the aircraft. I was going to fit a TY91 too but found a refurbished GNS430W at a low price so I fitted that instead

Be careful how you site the boxes, there are tubes behind the panel, we made a mock up before we cut metal on the new panel.

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

Thanks to all for the replies.

Yes please Robert L18C, a photo would be great if you get time.

I have the King 175B comm unit mounted under the panel at the moment but I was wondering if there would be any space elsewhere (other than behind or below the panel) to mount the main radio and TXP units. I was thinking of maybe the wing roots or under the rear seat (there’s a mod to move the battery there)??

Any info greatly appreciated.

sorry, it went off while I was cleani...
not in UK

Hi ! I have installed both 21 and 91 on a Jodel 3 years ago. The 91 was to replace a KY 97 for the 8,33 upgrade.
The transponder has always worked fine since. Not the same with the radio : I had to fly for almost a year with heavy noises, especially with high freqs (starting from 130.0). We (the seller and I) have been searching the defect but found nothing. Then they had the idea of replacing the wires by double-shielded wires, which solved almost the whole trouble.
I still have at times, I mean not on every flight, intercom noises, but very bearable. we of course tried every setting.
Never could determine if the problem was with the radio or with my aircraft installation. I cope with it but am disappointed to have lost the quality of the KY 97.


LFLG - Grenoble le Versoud, France

This is the set up in my 90HP Super Cub. The electricity is from a motorbike battery, and the fuse, head phone jacks and intercom are in the port wing root. The pilot has a PTT on the control column, the passenger’s is on the port window frame.

This is from below looking up at the units.

Oxford (EGTK)

Hi Robert,

Many thanks for that – very helpful and great workmanship.

sorry, it went off while I was cleani...
not in UK
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