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Trig TY91 and TT21

Arrived today (transponer and radio, TY91 and TT21). I have never seen the main module before (in real life), but it is really tiny. I took a picture of it on my hand just to show how little it is. Looks like really good quality also. I have to find out exactly where to put the pieces and measure the wire length to-from everything. Airworld UK will then make all the wiring for me, including antennas. And it’s all part of the price. Excellent (not that EASA certified radios and transponders are cheap by any measure, but still).


Any news about the Trig NAV COM ? I was told by a manager at Lyon Air expo 2017 it was coming soon.

A shame for them, the max of 8,33 replacements is underway. A big market they missed (most club aircraft need a NAVCOM for VOR PPL training).

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