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Trip from Dublin to Prague

Hi All,

Just joined, great forum and thanks for all your advice.

Im planning a ferry flight to Prague ( Czech Republic) pretty much direct route with stop in UK and Germany for fuel only.

I have never flown to east Europe before and just want to get some advice from frequent GA flyers on what to expect, anything that might suprise me?

Advice appriciated.



IFR or VFR? Range?

EGBE - Coventry

And also:
type of plane?
previous experience? (i.e. do you need details of customs/GAR procedures? differences in airpsace and procedures UK <==> continent) ?

But let me not forget a word of welcome to this nice forum!

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Once you have done your fuel/customs stop in Germany the rest of the flight to CZ is a piece of cake. You don’t need a flight plan and if you call PRAHA INFORMATION on 126.100 when crossing the border they will tell you all you need to know.

Just be careful when overflying little airfields on weekends, there’s a lot of parachute jumping, and many gliders too.

The ONE thing to know is that they will give you a “Regional QNH” which you can you use enroute and for landing too. Only (!) if you land on one of the big airports or at a field that is below the PRAHA TMA you will use the Praha local QNH.

Can’t really think of anything else. Oh, yes: Some fields have no radio during the week! Make blind transmissions (like in the US) … and land :-)

use local AD QNH, no reason to use LKPR QNH if you are not landing there, we are just 10nm from LKPR and our QNH is different almost everytime, ok the difference I am talking about means 50feets down or up but why not doing things correctly :)


Some fields have no radio during the week! Make blind transmissions (like in the US)

Interesting, Alexis. I would rather have said “like everywhere else except Germany”

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

Haha :-) But are you sure? Austria? Croatia (not that I know) ? Spain? France? (I doubt it …) Italy?


Where do you get the “local airfield QNH”? I almost never have radio contact when landing on sall fied in CZ … and the last time I asked the PRAHA INFOMATION controller (on the the radio) and he explicitely confimed that “Regional QNH” is used on all airfields outside the TMA for landing – and PRAHA QNH is used for airfields under the TMA (like Rakovnik).

Edit: Checked your profile and understand now that you are talking about Letnany. Of course you are right in that case.

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Hi, Thank you for the nice welcome!

It will be a VFR flight plan in a Slingsby T67 Aircraft. Range is around 4hr. Im limiting my flights to 3hr max, and the rest will be the reserve.

I have flown across UK, France and Croatia before. So pretty much familiar with UK flying, but not so much Netherlands, Germany, etc.

Thanks again.



So I done some route planning and I intend to clear Customs in Antwerpen.
From then on dct to Coburg EDQC with maybe stop in EDGS Siegerland if we feel like. After that will be direct to Czech Republic.

Or any other ideas on good places to stop in Germany or will the places above be ok, and for possible overnight stay?

Thanks in advance!!

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