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EuroGA fly-in - Venice Lido LIPV, 18/19 May 2019

Steve6443 wrote:

How about flying down along the Brenner?

Yes, want to try both from south France and via Austria, the latter seems weather limited
But definitely I need a different route on the way back as I enjoy low & slow but need new…

Last Edited by Ibra at 04 Dec 00:25
ESSEX, United Kingdom

I will be There! And can help for organize!

LILB, Italy

Shockingly enough I’ve been a few times to northern Italy but never actually landed at LIPV. This sounds like a great occasion to do so. So please count me and my SO in.
Does anybody know of another airfield that serves mogas other than Caorle in NE Italy?

It would be fun to gather the day before at Kempten to proceed via the Brenner or at say Avignon for the riviera route. Weather depending. Like Ibra, I like to change routes when possible.


A screen shot of a route following the Rhône valley via Martigny, Simplon pass, Domodossola and then onto LILB, TZO and CHI.

EGTN to EDRY (Speyer) is just about doable non stop in the PA18 (35USG goes a long way with a 90HP Continental), with a nice large empty plastic bottle and a couple of in flight meals, so Mooney_Driver thank you for the suggestion.

Oxford (EGTK)

@RobertL18C heading to Lido in a PA18 from the UK? That sounds like a plan, if you reserve me a seat I may drop the archer & the wife…

ESSEX, United Kingdom

@lbra many a long distance trip in the PA18 has been planned, but then did not materialise :)

Also luggage would need to be de minimis (5 lbs) unless you are sub160lbs. EGSX to EDRY is a bit shorter, only four hours in still air.

Oxford (EGTK)

Yes, I was looking for a trip with limited food supply to help with losing weight but it is probably a “long heavy shot”…I forgot, I have to drop weight before the flight :)

I am planing a 4h trip in open cockpit in April, so maybe I will try diet & gym on that one first and let you know?

Last Edited by Ibra at 10 Dec 19:10
ESSEX, United Kingdom

Sounds really nice destination. I am in too!
Will ask an Italian (pilot) friend to come along with me from Toulouse. This may help to negociate with ATC :-)
Probably will also try to fly up to Portoroz (LJPZ) in Slovenia as I have some family living nearby.
If LJPZ would become backup plan for the fly-in that will also be fine for me then.

Toulouse, France, France

@ Dominik
sorry for late answer
You can find mogas at Premariacco too

Pegaso airstrip, Italy
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