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EuroGA fly-in - Venice Lido LIPV, 18/19 May 2019


Tököl LHTL

@WhiskeyPapa what plane were you using there? Many thanks for the pics.

Grass is never billiard-table smooth… well not unless it is your private runway and lots of money is spent on it, like the one in that youtube video with a Citation operating from it (somewhere in South America I think).

For those concerned, there is Padova LIPU just down the road. Direct trains run between, taking 26 or 50 mins depending on which one you get. Then you get the boat. Should be quite a scenic transfer, too. Customs (not Sunday) and avgas (will email them). AIP

For years people have been asking for a more “grass roots” fly-in, hence the decision was made to go to this grass one. There is a lot of interest; the numbers are as high as we have ever seen.

Snoopy went there in an SR22.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I was in my Morane which was fine. I was just trying to avoid a case of false advertising, given that I had earlier spoken of the field as being smoother.

Tököl LHTL

Peter wrote:

Snoopy went there in an SR22.

Our local DA42 is going there frequently… never a problem.

CB IR Instruction

WhiskeyPapa wrote:

They said they would be happy to accommodate us.

I vote for the airfield restaurant.

CB IR Instruction

Are there any tie-offs on parking spots or you’re on your own?

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

No tie down rings. I was told we will be given parking on the grass.

Tököl LHTL

FWIW we have reserved at the Marea Petit Palais Hotel.

Tököl LHTL

I plan to fly from LFMD and have a spare seat if anyone’s interested.

Last Edited by james16 at 26 Apr 10:10

Great initiative! Allow me to give you one tip (being kind of “local”); the route along the seashore (which you will have to follow, to avoid the CTR of LIPZ) is very busy in weekends. Particularly if you come from the southwest. Everyone flying between 1000 and 1500 ft. Keep a good lookout and report your position to Padova Info (or to Lido Radio if you can’t hear Padova any longer, like it sometimes happens at Porto di Malamocco). Have fun!

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