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Trip to Russia - looking for maps etc

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I am planning on joining a group of pilots for a trip to Russia in June 2019.
The detinations and as follows :
Лапеенранта (EFLP) – Санкт-Петербург (ULLI / LED) – 140nm – 01 :00
Санкт-Петербург (ULLI / LED) – Москва (UUBW / ZIA) – 442nm – 04 :20
Москва (UUBW / ZIA) – Казань (UWKD / KZN) – 449nm – 04 :30
Казань (UWKD / KZN) – Екатеринбург (USSS / SVX) – 418nm – 04 :00
Екатеринбург (USSS / SVX) – Самара (UWWW / KUF) – 447nm – 04 :30
Самара (UWWW / KUF) – Волгоград (URWW / VOG) – 377nm – 03 :50
Волгоград (URWW / VOG) – Краснодар (URKK / KRR) – 412nm – 04 :00
Краснодар (URKK / KRR) – Сочи (URSS / AER) – 160nm – 01 :30
Сочи (URSS / AER) – Самсун (LTFI) – 300nm – 03 :00

I use SkyDemon on my tablet but they do not include maps of Russia.

I was wondering if anyone has maps of Russia, appart from the TPC 1:500 000 maps from the US.
Maybe using SkyDemon, apparently it is possible to import files that include maps of Russia that would come from another source. Or is there another software that provides maps of Russia ?

Thanks for your help

LFOZ Orleans, France

What about the other pilots in the group? How are they going to navigate?

You could start parsing the Russian AIP manually and importing data to SkyDemon if you have time to kill.


These guys used what it looks like Foreflight to navigate through Russia:


The leader of the group provides us with sheets of paper with maps printed on it. That’s not really convenient when you are used to a movable map. I’m sure I can use those maps, but I’d be more confident, especially when navigating around cities or special areas, if I have a moving map with me.

I was wondering if anyone had done that before, or lived in Russia and had more information about what can be found for that country.

LFOZ Orleans, France

Yes, Foreflight seems to be ok, but I have an Android tablet …

LFOZ Orleans, France

The easiest thing may be to buy an Ipad for the trip – especially given the huge cost of such a trip.

Otherwise, you can turn any map into a GPS moving map using Oziexplorer. This comes in windows and android versions. I use both. Only the windoze version can be used to calibrate the maps however.

If you want terrain maps, and airports, you can use the old US ONC and TPC maps. For CAS and other current data you need a proper nav product.

I am sure Jeppesen cover it, with whatever their current PC or Ipad product is. Only their Ipad product will give you a moving map. But also no android option there.

There is a number of trip reports here on EuroGA which do Russia.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

JeppFD covers Russia for IFR and has controlled airspace.

Have you investigated Garmin Pilot? I would expect it to cover Russia, as it uses Jepp Data.

EGKB Biggin Hill

Is it even possible to fly VFR in Russia? Will you have a russian citizen/navigator onboard?

I have flown very little in Russia but at least I have done it, IFR and with a capable aircraft. Make sure that everything is legit, use an agent to get all the permits and so on. I would not want to know what happens if you land somewhere without the correct documents. I also suggest that you contact AOPA in Russia it that has not already been done.

“Documentas, documentas…”
You will see many airport officers in big hats. Make sure that you have several copies of the GENDEC so everyone can get a copy.


My experience of flying around Russia and the ex Soviet Union States has been really positive, with very welcoming officials genuinely interested in you being there and wanting to help. YRMV of course.

EGKB Biggin Hill

Contact Russian AOPA – ,
they will help you to arrange your trip.

As for VFR maps, there are only three current Russian airspace data providers: “SZ RCAI”, “CAIGA” and “AviaComInfo”. Neither of them publicly offer any products in English. I hardly doubt that anyone would buy their data and translate it for English-speaking customers, because it’s a lot of work with dubious outcome. Again, maybe somebody from Russian AOPA has self-made private stuff, so don’t hesitate to contact them.

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LKHK, Czech Republic
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