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Looking for GA pilots regularly flying from London (EGKB, EGSG, EGTF, EGLK, EGLF, ...) to or through Dinard (LFRD)

Hello everybody !
I am looking for pilots regularly flying to or through Dinard (LFRD) from any London GA airport (EGKB, EGSG, EGTF, EGLK, EGLF, …).
As a PPL student (~25h) I am looking to build up some experience by travelling with more experienced pilots.
I am based in London and my ATO is Dinard (LFRD), where I often go for the weekend.
Obviously happy to share the costs.
Thank you very much for your help.
Best regards,

United Kingdom

I heard/know many regular GA flyers who do weekday commutes to CIs/Jersey in SEPs & Twins from London airports
But I never come across anyone who commute on weekend basis to Dinard, have you tried searching on Wingly?

EGSX, United Kingdom

I’m a CRI and routinely do these flights. Feel free to reach though PM

(I wouldn’t be able to do actual instruction until you get your licence though, but happy to talk through). Based EGSX and EGSG

Thanks for your replies.
I have tried on Wingly, but did not get any replies so far.
Noe, I will pm you directly.
Many thanks !

United Kingdom
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