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Looking for a nice club (southern UK)

@RussSheffield have a look here

For new rating issue, what I understand: the IMCr will keep being valid and issued to national UK ICAO licences, IRR cannot be issued to part FCL licences after Apr2019

For existing ratings, no one knows if the old IRR will stay valid? My guess is NO as things stand now: the optout also covers IFR flying without fcl/icao instrument rating not just the rating…still something like BIR is coming early 2019 to replace that void (but Brexit of some form is coming as well)

Personally, I will wait to see what CAA/EASA will come up with on their last day 11pm meeting, still I think some form of serious TK exams will be required for a “generous upgrade” of the IRR to BIR or CBIR…or an alternative fudge back to national licences…or just keep it grey with another 2 years extension…

Last Edited by Ibra at 23 Dec 16:52
ESSEX, United Kingdom

+1 for the Cotswold Club. Although I am not a member I have had dealings with them for over twenty years, my wife did 10 hour ‘help he’s died what do I do now’ training, and have revaluations signed off. They also now run Rate One which is nearly next door for when you go for the full IR. If your there in January welcome to be my safety pilot when I get up to speed for my IR renewal.

United Kingdom

I did all my training at Cotswold Aero Club and keep in touch with many people there. My partner did the course that Norman mentioned above, and they do have an active social side – quizzes / meals etc, as well as a flying social calendar for trip sharing.

They have a metal Robin, two fabric ones and an Arrow – not to mention, quite possibly, some of the best instructors in the country. The CFI has over 20000 hours almost all on light GA.

Highly recommended.

Last Edited by stevelup at 24 Dec 10:18

“IRR cannot be issued to part FCL licences after Apr2019”

@ibra This is not the case, there are many mechanisms and decisions which can (and undoubtedly will) extend the current April 19 decision point

Last Edited by Balliol at 24 Dec 10:27
Oxfordshire / Glocs

Yes, it seems a 2 years extension will be the “default solution”

ESSEX, United Kingdom

I will look at Cotswold as a few have recommended them, but first I’ll have to get used to the idea of getting a type rating for a Robin, about which I don’t feel too excited. The Arrow on the other hand, but @ £222 p/h…

Norman wrote:

If your there in January welcome to be my safety pilot when I get up to speed for my IR renewal.

Thanks that’s kind of you, but it’s unlikely. The first thing I will need is to get some kind of ‘differences training’ for UK rules, airspace, radio, etc as I have only flown in CZ so far.

LKTB->EGBJ, United Kingdom

You just need a check out for a Robin, very nice, harmonised club aircraft which in its 180/200HP version is close to an Arrow in speed with fixed gear.

Enstone (EGTN), Oxford (EGTK)

Is that one of those R3000s, or one of the aerobatic ones? The R3000 is a somewhat quirky and a little uncomfortable bird, but performs quite well.

But yes, your flying will be more expensive than in CZ, I‘m sure.

And yes, you will need some preparation for the various UK „rules“ of GA flying. You might want to google translate this.

It‘s worth it. Just get away from burger runs quickly. Particularly depressing in the UK. But strips are good fun. And go to Cornwall, the Channel Islands and Scotland.

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

boscomantico wrote:

But yes, your flying will be more expensive than in CZ, I‘m sure.

Surprisingly it’s not true, looking at hourly rates I reckon that they’re similar or even cheaper here.

You might want to google translate this.

Thanks a lot, it looks useful.boscomantico wrote:

Particularly depressing in the UK.

Most things are, after you’ve spent some years abroad…

And go to Cornwall, the Channel Islands and Scotland.

Agreed, I’ve visited these places by road/sea, I’d love to do them by air. Probably need to buy my own a/c first though.

Last Edited by Coda at 24 Dec 16:37
LKTB->EGBJ, United Kingdom

Yes you need to get away from the burger runs to awful airfield “restaurants”. This type of flying dominates the UK school “club” rental scene and on the UK flying chat sites there is much debate as to where the cheapest “all day breakfast” can be found and which one is offering a free landing fee (£5-£10 discount)

This stuff is even worse than traditional Czech food (which I know; I was born near LKPR and lived near LKPM). The main difference is that with the UK airfield food you eventually need a stent or two (£10k if done off the NHS) whereas with Czech food you just need an annual colonoscopy (£1k)

There are many great flying destinations in the UK. The key is to fly to destinations, not to airfields like most do. Places like Alderney, Scilly Isles, Scotland, are wonderful, and there are many great city destinations with a lot of history (e.g. Cambridge, Norwich…). Except for Scotland from the south, most can be done as a day trip so rental is fine.

Here is a fun thread

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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