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Travel options from EDME (Eggenfelden) to Scharding

Are there any EDME familiar pilots on the forum who can advise how to get from Eggenfelden to Scharding in Austria?

I know Scharding has its own airfield (LOLS) and have used LOLS a couple of times earlier in the year. But it’s business travel I am planning so I need a destination with an instrument approach for the winter.

Public transport looks awkward so guessing taxi or rental car are the only options?


I always took a taxi to Passau if I needed EDME because I couldnt get into EDMV Vilshofen which is much closer. There may be a train that could get you closer say to Sulzbach and then taxi.

EGTK Oxford

Thanks Jason, there is a train from Eggenfelden to Passau but takes just under 2 hours. Add the taxi from EDME to Eggenfelden station then another taxi from Passau to Scharding and its around 3 hours.

A last leg like this offends the sense of aviation efficiency we enjoy when Lydd to Eggenfelden is just over 2 hours…….

Looks like a taxi from EDME to Scharding is likely the only solution.


I think there is a 1 hour train to Sulzbach. Not via Passau.

EGTK Oxford

Flying to LOLW Wels, using an approach of LOWL, you could take a train to Schaerding that takes less than an hour.
Taxi should also be faster from Wels, since there is a motorway and no border controls.

EDM_, Germany
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