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Bequia TVSB - St.Vincent & Grenadines

Went to Bequia for the weekend.

Bequia is the nearest island to Barbados where my airplane is based – it is just over 100nm to the west.

A very quiet place, makes Barbados seem like towntown Manhattan – it is one of my favourite places.

VFR 6,500ft on the way out, flight 50 minutes with a 150kt ground speed in cruise due to the following wind; used 8usg fuel.

VFR 5,500 on the way back, flight 70 minutes into the wind; ran at higher rpm, 105kt ground speed, less time to climb to altitude of course; used 11usg fuel.

A great relaxing trip, reason to own the airplane as on scheduled flights it costs more to get to Bequia than to get to New York, for us (2) with landing fees less thsn $100 each.

A smooth trip, no hassles:)


That sounds amazing.

Lots of PPLs from Europe go on holidays there.

Unfortunately I got my long haul flying desires “out of my system” about 20 years ago, travelling to the Caribbean a lot among others, so can’t take advantage of these opportunities.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

If no longhaul Airlines flight you should schedule yourself the atlantic crossing with THE TB20 !
Like that when you reach the other side you can enjoy it all !

LFPT Pontoise, LFPB
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