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Flytrip 2019, UK edition

Last year I did a great trip to Denmark together with some friends, our trip was mostly based on information we received here on EuroGA! (

This year we would like to do it again, probably in May. Weather permitting we would like to do a 5 day tour in the UK, departing from our homebase EBMO in Belgium. Since I only flew to the south of the UK a couple of times before, I think EuroGA can help us out once again :)

What we like:
- (Grass) airfields with great atmosphere
- Camping next to our plane
- Challenging approaches
- Places that are hard to reach by other means
- A nice thing to do in the neighborhood is a plus

We visted Sandown and Goodwood before and we liked those a lot.

What we would like to know:

- Do’s and don’ts
- Places to visit
- Places to stay
- Best routings
- …

Thanks in advance!

Last Edited by jvdo at 07 Jan 21:19

Don’t miss out on White Waltham EGLM


South-east, in addition to WW you can try one of these headcorn, popham, old warden, duxford or north weald, all grassy to some extent

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Lands End, has grass. It was friendly and a great part of the UK to be airborne.
Peranporth, just along the coast has an impressive airfield, perched on a clifftop, and camping was possible when we last went.

A little further north is Roserrow. A Golf course with it’s own grass strip. The complex there has a pool and I think accommodation, but can’t remember details.

The weather is a complete lottery that time of year, so ensure you have some reasonable camping gear! Lol.

Last Edited by GA_Pete at 07 Jan 23:54
Private strip, Essex (not mine), United Kingdom

Thanks for the tips, as we did last year we will keep a backup plan for a flight to the south if the forecasted weather in the UK would be bad.
Just to clarify, it doesn’t need to be grass, but we just want to avoid big airports and more paperwork than flying :D

Last Edited by jvdo at 08 Jan 07:50

Really nice places include the Scilly Isles (EGHE), Alderney (EGJA). A search here for these ICAO codes will dig out some trip reports.

There is never much paperwork in the UK but a lot of airports insist on yellow jackets. Bizzarely, the above little island ones are among the strictest. The walk from the plane is a few tens of m

There are very few places in the UK (apart from farm strips) where you could camp under the wing but you can put up a tent in a lot of the countryside if you pick a secluded place Wild camping is not allowed in most of the UK and probably same in Europe; all land is “owned” by someone so it mostly depends on whether you can get landowner permission, and you can’t normally get it at airfields.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Definitely try to land at EGHE and visit the Scilly Isles. It is remote but worth it.
In Wales, Caernafon and Llanbedr seems the most scenic.
Duxford is a must for the museums.
Try to land in Alderney on the way, seems worth the stop too and has cheap fuel.

Édit : post crossed with Peter’s.
And remember to ALWAYS call for PPR before departing.

Last Edited by Jujupilote at 08 Jan 08:23

One of our favourite grass fields is Bolt Head in the South West UK. We get there at least a couple of times a year. A camping site is 5 minutes away but have never used it. We normally walk down to South Sands about 30 minutes, and on the way, you pass Overbecks a National Trust garden.

South Sands has a hotel and a beach café, 10 minutes’ walk towards Salcombe is the Winking Prawn . We often take the ferry from South Sands to Salcombe, its a small 20 seat boat run by volunteers I think, only runs from about April to October, around £3 and takes 15 minutes, runs about every 30 minutes but does depend on tides. We once took the ferry from Salcombe to Kingsbridge but would not do that again, Salcombe is a very nice large village with plenty of interesting shops and eateries.

United Kingdom

Thanks for all the tips, keep them coming! What about Scotland?

@Jujupilote @Peter EGHE was already high on my todo list! That one looks great!
@Norman, looks very good thanks

Last Edited by jvdo at 08 Jan 16:05

I wandered if you wanted to fly up to Scotland :)
It seems that if you really want to enjoy Scotland, a short take off / rough field capable airplane is a must.
Jacko (based at his Glenswinton strip, which is in SD and the Pooleys, so quite a celebrity!!) is the expert here but from what I looked online /on SD :
- Kirkbride is a very good base to tour up north. Cheap fuel, hotel on site (if the rain is too heavy)
- Glenforsa is a must for me, look into it
- Dornoch on the east coast has fuel and is very close to the beach
- Skye EGEI and Plockton seems very scenic, Plockton has a village within walking distance
- Barra and its sandy runways is unique, but you must be aware you will land in a mix of seawater and sand, not the two substances preferred by airplanes
- Wick can be interesting for pilots because it is the usual stop of transatlantic ferry flights

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