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Flying to Croatia

Reading Peters article about is flight this summer to greece, which gave me lots of info, I had a question.
His flight from Ionia to Brac, and also from Brac to the Uk, but then stopping in France, he does not mention if there are custom regulations. As he writes he gets into Brac with no traffic control on site, I would think Brac is not an entry airfield. Now my question: for flights to kroatia, Not being schengen do I need an entry airports. Maybe this question is answered earlier, but searching on “brac” gives to many posts to check.

Lclk larnaca, ehle lelystad, Netherlands

Brac does have customs staff on site even when there is no ATS. In fact, during these non ATs times, the airfield is otherwise is fully staffed. Just the tower is not manned.

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

Practically all Croatian airports (of any significance) are ports of entry: LDZA (Zagreb), LDOS (Osijek), LDPL (Pula), LDLO (Losinj), LDRI (Rijeka), LDZD (Zadar), LDSP (Split), LDSB (Brac) and LDDU (Dubrovnik). Even LDPV (Vrsar) used to have immigration but it’s only there during summer. And you can have immigration & customs on call (few hours notice) at LDVA (Varazdin). All these airports have 100LL and Jet-A1, except LDPV which has only 100LL.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Is there also mogas? I flew to cyprus in september, over Italie, but as the weather was not so good, and I can only do vfr with my plane, I thought of going over to croatia from north Italie.
In the end I flew south Italie, just in time, but when I come back from cyprus in spring, croatia is a good option I think.

Lclk larnaca, ehle lelystad, Netherlands

Marcpa wrote:

Is there also mogas?

No at these airports.

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LDZA LDVA, Croatia
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