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Plan B: VFR to Croatia Easter 2019

Peter wrote:

From Brac there are also boat trips e.g. Hvar which is nice. From Losinj there is a boat trip which I have done, to another little island, and believe me it is not worth doing

Haha… alright then, I will stay on Losinj then Although I also have “ma gurl”, and also a very lovely little boy at the age of 16 months, I love to go clubbing, just for dancing… so I’m really interested in having at least one evening with a little fun dancing I’ll see whatever will come to our mood when we are there… perhaps also only a little hiking on the island, if we are tired enough…

Regarding your tips about getting an accomodation, I will install and AirB&B-Apps on my smartphone… let’s see where we’ll be staying

Thanks a lot for your kind help!

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EDSO, Germany

FullThrottle wrote:

Hey @TobiasM, I flew the Zell am See route last year down to Croatia, absolutely stunning, I remember discarding the Tauernroute, it was a little to high for my performance. Regarding reporting points, in Slovenia I remember using them to Enter and Exit the country, that’s all, otherwise I barely talked to them. Also your flight plan HAS to go through an Entry/Exit reporting point when you enter/exit the country. In Croatia radio was pretty relaxed, we just followed the routes, they would usually ask us to report at a certain point after take off and then leave us in peace for the rest of the flight :) Anyways I had an amazing time, you’re gonna love it! Regarding visiting, we also flew to Zadar (PPR mandatory), very charming, and in summer the night life was really nice, a lot going on (were were both 27), I can recommend it ( don’t know for easter though).

Have fun!

Hey FullThrottle! Thanks for your report… I just forgot about Zadar actually, as the airfield is not located at the coast. Can you tell me how you got to the town of Zadar then and how much it costed? Everything you reported sounds quiet nice, and I’m really hopeful of having a nice time in Croatian airspace! Perhaps you can remember the name of the club? I think private pilots are rare in every club, indepentantly from the season ;-) But as I told you, our main goal is to spend some time dancing, and so we’re keen on your experiences!

EDSO, Germany

Some stuff from Zadar here. A very nice place. I think we got the bus into town.

You don’t need “apps” Just use a web browser.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

FullThrottle wrote:

Regarding visiting, we also flew to Zadar (PPR mandatory)

Zadar LDZD doesn’t have mandatory PPR (although it’s worth of checking availability of parking spots during high season which starts in late June and ends mid-September), while Split LDSP has PPR during the summer season which starts with Easter and ends in October (specified in AIP).

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

TobiasM wrote:

Can you tell me how you got to the town of Zadar then and how much it costed?

You can use Uber or Taxify/Bolt (which is cheaper) and costs between €16 and €18. Install these applications and others (Booking and AirBnB) as well – much better UX than browser. Regarding AirBnB, if you choose hosts with “instant booking” option, nobody can cancel your accommodation once you confirm it.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

I prefer Hvar to Brac (which is an excellent port of entry). They are three-four minutes apart by air. I like the airfield on Hvar:

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Tököl LHTL

That’s a Cardinal in the last picture.

Tököl LHTL

Emir wrote:

Zadar LDZD doesn’t have mandatory PPR

Indeed this is at this date not the case, you are right @Emir, but it was in the Notams at that time ;) maybe it was just for summer. Regarding transportation I just used the bus, worked just fine!
Regarding clubs we went to this open air bar that is in some kind of fort/park (yes there is a park in the fort) easy to spot from google maps, it’s next to a restaurant I can highly recommend : Proto Food and More. “The garden lounge” was also a nice place!

LFMD, Monaco

Was in Zadar last June. Great airport. Best check ahead for parking availability as it can be busy.

Approach and landing

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Happy only when flying
Sabaudia airstrip

Sorry, no Facebook-account, so I can’t watch the video…

I just called the weather office, they confirmed that Croatia is the better option as there will be an upper low pressure zone over the Iberic peninsula that brings unstable weather also for the south of France. The forecast for the east Alps is perfect, so the crossing should be easy at all available routes. I’m already getting a little excited right now…

EDSO, Germany
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