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Plan B: VFR to Croatia Easter 2019

I can say that the Alhambra (5*) is probably the best hotel in the whole of Croatia… not cheap, but worth it. (Helps to keep the misses flying with me that’s for sure)

LFHN - Bellegarde - Vouvray France

Where can I find the phone number to file a flight plan in Croatia?

It depends where are you flying from – you just call closest ARO. For LDLO it’s ARO Pula +385 52 372 510 – you can easily Google them (ARO and name of the city where big airport is located – there are only 7 or 9 of them, depending if it’s working day or not) or go to

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LDZA LDVA, Croatia

TobiasM wrote:

Just one more question: Where can I find the phone number to file a flight plan in Croatia? In the AIP I didn’t find it… or can I also do it with SkyDemon?

I use the system of Austrocontrol. It is called “Homebriefing” and is very nice to use. I can file the flightplan on my phone/tablet a couple of minutes before I want to depart and the croatian ATC had the plans on file by the time I was done with the preflight-check.

You can also close the plan after landing yourself and you get sms-infos (or mail if you prefer that) about every step of the process (FLP accepted, denied, closed, etc.). A very convenient system.

Today was a perfect day for the return trip from LDDU to LOLS. In the very low level (below 2000 ft) we had a great 20kn tail wind to LDLO and from there we flew in FL115 above the alps in calm air, while just below us the thermals were working hard on the turbulence.
My passengers (including my better half) enjoyed the trip a lot and everything just went perfectly smooth and easy. A lot of fun and early enough in the year so Dubrovnik wasn’t completely overrun.

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Many pilots use EuroFPL for filing flight plans. It is a simple site which does little else. It has a slightly strange user interface but it works. I have used it for VFR flight plans for many years, and occassionally IFR ones where the Autorouter has some limitation. It is incidentally also used by Skydemon for FP filing (I introduced the SD programmer, Tim Dawson, to them about 10 years ago).

Back in 2004/05 I used Homebriefing too (they were the very first online facility for FP filing) but they merely transmitted the FP to the departure airport and that often didn’t work and the flight plan got lost. Also they worked out expensive if you were flying outside Austria or Switzerland.

Dubrovnik has a massive amount of parking. I reckon it could park a few hundred GA planes.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

Dubrovnik has a massive amount of parking. I reckon it could park a few hundred GA planes.

That’s true – the GA-parking is huge in LDDU. Even though this weekend there was only one other C172 and a Malibu on the GA-apron.
In contrast the parking area in LDLO was quite full. Still some spots available, but the first couple of aircraft had to park on the grass already.

Anyway, my remark was actually aimed at the situation in the city of Dubrovnik itself. Last time I was there you couldn’t even fall over on the main road in the oldtown, but this time it was quite ok.

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Seems like my luck with slots lately is continuing…

DOF/190422 06:30
-EOBT 0630
TO 1053
FL F090

LFHN - Bellegarde - Vouvray France

Snoopy wrote:

Skydemon or any other program should work.

I can confirm it works great in Croatia too, used it last summer!

LFMD, Monaco

Hi everybody,

just wanted to say that we returned safely from our trip! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread, every reply helped us to make our journey completely uncomplicated. It was a huge fun for my friend and me, and we even got to know LFHNflightstudent at Losinj airport this morning. I will come back to you with a report about our flight (we recorded every second with our GoPro – I will speed it up a little…), also with nice pictures my Co took all over our flights.

Thanks again to everyone!


EDSO, Germany

Glad to hear… this is what EuroGA is for

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The Apoksiomen closed its doors 3-4 years ago

I think it is still there but is doing bookings a different way, not via Also it may well be closed outside the peak season, whatever that is.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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