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Germany VFR AIP / airfield information / which German airfields have Immigration

Denmark is interesting in that they even put most of the ICAO docs online - here.

I met a Danish CAA chap at a conference a few years ago. He said ICAO gave them a hard time over that and threatened them in various ways, but they insisted because it is a matter of flight safety to have this stuff accessible.

OTOH Denmark was the only European country which used to randomly fine N-reg pilots parked there for too long.... they will have to stop doing that under EASA.

apparently many of the print options are blocked in the pdf document

Try unlocking the PDF. I have successfully used a prog called PDF Password Remover.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Speaking of the Danish ICAO chart in PDF format, one can also delete the legend layer, exposing the SW corner of Sweden (if I remember correctly, only the aerodromes are shown, no airspace boundaries).

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

Germans aren't the only ones making money off VFR data - so does Skyguide. Switzerland's VFR AIP isn't free.

A useful cheapskate in my experience is to email or ring up airfields you might be visiting in Germany and ask them to email the plates which you can print out at home or in the hotel. Or if at an airfield, ask the briefing office for photocopies. Obviously they are aware of the difficulty for foreigners getting this stuff and always seem willing to comply.

I haven't tried the SkyDemon DFS airfield data yet and having had SD blow away in flight a couple of times, I'm not sure I'd rely on it. Unlike someone here who says he only flies with electronic data, I take comfort from having oodles of paper in the cabin because in the event of a forced landing, I'd have something to light a fire with.

EGBW / KPRC, United Kingdom

A useful cheapskate in my experience is to email or ring up airfields you might be visiting in Germany and ask them to email the plates

Or get acquainted with somebody that has a DFS or Jeppesen subscription...

Incidentally, I called the AIS team the other day (when I posted the original question). They are generally happy to provide (by email etc) the pages you need, for example for a specific flight/destination.

But I think I will prefer the (expensive) comfort of having the information readily at hand whenever I want it - and it just to browse through and get acquainted with different airfields in the vicinity.

Hungriger Wolf (EDHF), Germany

You need friends in low places...

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter, the Danish CAA put ICAO docs online because some of the docs has law status - Doc 8168, e.g. - and there is (was?) a law in Denmark stating something like that anything law-like should be made public for free. Some years ago, pilots went to the CAA, law in hand, and requested free copies of the Docs - the online thing was the result. But beware, the online ICAO docs had not been properly updated last time I checked.

Thanks for the PDF Password Remover tip. However, the pdf with the ICAO-chart seems to be unlocked. My problems may be purely due to miserable skills at the keyboard.

EKRK, Denmark

the size of Germany, selling VFR charts is probably a much better business than in most other countries. I guess they have about 8000-10000 subscribers which should make this business a profitable one.

Sounds like a stupid money grabbing opportunity which compromises safety.

The aerodrome pays fees to produce the plates.

Once the plate is produced it just can just sit for free for download by thousands of people.

Am I the only one grabbing my plates from some obscure place on the interwebs?

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