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Germany VFR AIP / airfield information / which German airfields have Immigration

From Jepp Flitestar / Properties:

From Jepp Text Pages:

The above is a significant improvement in the historically useless text page data; they show the website URL too, and maybe the “Customs” (which in accordance with international practice Jepp use to mean an international airport) details are even right. Presumably we know there are no Customs there, but the jepp text pages show EDLA under their general “aerodromes with customs” list:

I think Jepp have never picked up the Europe-only idea of an airport having only immigration but no customs, or vice versa… As a US product they don’t understand that.

The free Business Handbook site shows nothing

EasyVFR shows this:

What do programs like Foreflight, GP and SD say about this airport?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

ForeFlight with the Jepp VFR add-on of course gives the same info as indicated above in the Jepp text pages. Under European Region coverage (non-Jepp, Eurocontrol) there are no AIP pages available (not unexpected, since AIP VFR not in Eurocontrol data). Under More/Features, Customs Available indicates Yes but without any further explanation such as PNR or tel#

LSZK, Switzerland

What is the real info on EDLA?

Do I read it that it does not have Customs but – like (so it appears) all German airports – has Immigration PNR?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Arnsberg can do passport checks.
Previously w/ 3hr PNR, now (2019) they require full data sets w/PP numbers etc at least 24hrs before, ideally 48hrs. They have to check against federal police data bases…
Local folks act as representatives of the federal police (who do the border checks).

At the same time, Arnsberg ist also special customs airfield (published list by customs office/ Zoll) and can do customs checks w/3 hrs PNR. Requires only basis flight data.

All airports have immigration/customs controls, but not all airfields.
Customs: Only those mentioned with special status on a published list of the customs office.
Immigration: only a limted number where the airfield operator has agreed with the federal police and someone local acts as representative.

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EDM_, Germany

So, Arnsberg-Menden EDLA has both Customs and Immigration. So most of the above sources are correct… especially as very few airports (any in Germany??) have Customs and no Immigration.

I was hoping for a more controversial example

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Most airports with customs (often Verkehrslandeplaetze, i.e. elevated status, not just some club airfjeld) have it due to local companies/folks with regular international traffic (who support the airports financially if they don’t acquire it anyway). These also push for immigration…

Exception, e.g. Kempten EDMK

EDM_, Germany

There actually IS a free official source, from the German Customs Service itself.
They obviously know the regulations and where they have officers on permanent duty, and where they are available on a PPR basis. But their Website is a mess to use… basically you have to know the result before typing in the keywords.

I spend a little time with their page and can give you two links:
Airports with permanent customs
Customs on demand

I haven’t found an English version of the lists, but they are pretty straightforward anyway.

Hope this is what you were looking for!

EDXN, Germany

No. Talk wasn‘t about customs but about immigration.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

This thread is also worth a read, although it applies more to customs than immigration.

Particularly this post which does refer to a one-off capability for both customs and immigration.

Astonishing that for all the contributions to this thread over the years, this was not known even by locals.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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