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September 2019 fly-in: Montenegro, Tivat / Kotor LYTV 7/8 September

I’ve just flown the visual circuit at Tivat. They ask you to fly to VRP SOLAN at 500ft. My advice? Don’t. You’ll hit terrain.

This is on a VFR flight – correct?

For IFR arrivals you have a RH turn

BTW we have about 8 aircraft more or less confirmed, so if anyone would like to join us and is worried about the 10 parking limit at Tivat, please do come. Everyone is welcome

The wx forecast is improving too.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Noe wrote:

Yes, it could as well be 500 on QNH QFE “Radar altimeter”

Always take opportunity to overfly the tower at high speeds when given non-comfortable circuit heights

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Peter, that is not really the approach for 32, is it ?
I would call that a 14 routing…

EDM_, Germany

This one?

That is nearly straight-in. It is called “circling” due to the misalignment exceeding some figure (~20 degrees?).

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

LYTV asked me today to specify arrival and departure dates. Please send me ASAP registration and dates. You can send me info via Telegram of PM via EuroGA. I’m not publishing this info, only forwarding to LYTV.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia


Tivat tomorrow.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

It looks like the max we will have is 5 aircraft, so if anyone else would like to come, the airport problem isn’t a problem. Just give your details to Emir above.

It was a long flight from Shoreham (6:30 airborne time) and I used up about 1/3 of the TKS tank, crossing that front, north of the Alps. One could have flown lower and avoided icing because it was -6C at FL160. Tailwind initially, then lots of headwind (40kt) over the Alps, then headwind all the way down the Adriatic.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom


Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I understand some people had to cancel because of different reasons and I don’t want to question that – our fly-ins are relaxed putting no pressure to anybody. However, I don’t understand the problem in providing info on canceling. I exchanged 30+ e-mails with LYTV operations organizing additional parking spots beyond their official limit and providing aircrafts’ and flights’ data and I believe simple “I’m not coming” should be ok.

The weather here is perfect, there’s some possibility of short TS with showers today but nothing to be worried about when you’re on the ground.

Last Edited by Emir at 07 Sep 07:16
LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Restaurant for today’s dinner has been booked. It’s “Bastion” in old city, just at the north gate. Dinner is at 20:00 local (18:00 UTC).

LDZA LDVA, Croatia
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