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Off to Munchen

Tomorrow. Well Augsburg actually. Will be nice to fly in this good weather although last week was very hazy.

EGTK Oxford

Make sure you gold-plate your noise certificate, but it in a velvet box and wear white gloves when you hand it over.

Augsburg is the most noise certificate obsessed airport on this planet. They will xerox it and put it in a folder. When I asked the guy why they make such a fuzz about it as about the only airport in Germany, he started on a rant how everybody else in Germany grossly neglects proper treatment of noise certificates.

Great airport otherwise, a lot of GA activity.

I've been there quite a few times, but have never been asked about the noise certificate. Maybe they already have a copy from someone elses visit.

LSZK, Switzerland

Didn't ask me for noise certificate just now.

EGTK Oxford

Achim, I just him if he wanted my noise certificate. He said no. Maybe he just doesn't like you?

EGTK Oxford

Maybe he just doesn't like you?

Yeah, Achim is suspicios guy - he makes a lot of noise

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

I bet he is on vacation and you got lucky. He keeps a collection of thousands of noise certificates. When he was younger he had a stamp collection.

I'm am not the only victim, the guy is notorious...

OK guys can we arrange a collection to fund a flight to this place, so I can test my new noise certificate. I make it about €600 return and I am happy to go halves.

On reflection, such a subsidised flight might be illegal in Germany... ok scrap the idea

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I was planning to go there in a week, maybe Peter you can fax me your certificate and I can ask.

On second thought, my fax machine doesn't do gold plating on purple paper...

LSZK, Switzerland

So here are a couple of photos.

Nice tailwind.

Lots of cloud.


High for weather avoidance

Lots of weather at high altitude

EGTK Oxford
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