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Reasonably priced Avgas enroute to the Highlands

I am planning a trip from Biggin to Stornoway and Isle of Skye and back. I understand that fuel prices on the islands, and in Northern Scotland in general, are wild. The Navajo takes a fair bit of fuel – 720 litres – so differential pricing can get quite eye watering.

I am hoping to go low level up the West Coast, from the Lake District, Stranraer, Campbeltown etc.

Can anyone suggest the best combination of:

  • As far north as possible
  • Lower Avgas prices
  • Non-ridiculous landing and handling

…where I could tech stop to obviate the need to fuel on the islands?

Obvious contenders are IoM, Prestwick, Campbeltown, Blackpool, Carlisle, Cumbernauld, Newtownards, but any other suggestions much appreciated.

EGKB Biggin Hill

A good option for you may be Kirkbride (non ICAO). Avgas is reported at 1,76 £/l on SD.

EGNS/Isle of Man isn’t especially cheap, it’s over £2/litre on my last fill up there. You will also have to use the outfit at area whisky who normally charge a handling fee – although you might be able to negotiate with them to waive it given the quantity of fuel you’ll be buying. (I can fortunately avoid this as I pre-pay all the landing/parking fees for Ronaldsway so I can just go to area mike and directly use Avfuel). I don’t think the handling fee is particularly high though for area W, I think it’s run by

I would say it’s also worth stopping for a bit in the Isle of Man :-)

Andreas IOM

alioth wrote:

I would say it’s also worth stopping for a bit in the Isle of Man

You would say that of course! Only jesting as IOM used to be a very regular stopping point for me and I found the place delightful. ATC and the Met man were second to none. The harbour side in Douglas very relaxing and great shopping. Some years since though.

UK, United Kingdom

Kirkbride looks like a great idea, thank you!

Unfortunately we are on a very tight schedule, based around our son’s concert tour, and cannot while away time enroute anywhere. It would be lovely to have that leisure. The first day is constrained by engagements in London and I am already having to plan to fly from Skye (via Hawarden) to Poznan on the last day, so everything has to be like clockwork.

But Man will be there for another visit!

EGKB Biggin Hill
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