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Holidays in Scotland II (+ stopover in N France)

Supposedly the first Cirrus ever to land at Glendoe. It WAS a bit soft though. No big problem with 1 POB and 310hp, but care must be taken.
A very friendly owner indeed, and a very scenic airfield.

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

@boscomantico You are around the corner too? We have just been on Sanday, Dundee in Scotland, now we are on the Isle of Man. We have had Glendoe on our list, but skipped it due of the rain.

EDDS , Germany

Yep. Currently in Inverness, but likely heading back to the continent tomorrow.

Glendoe should be OK in the Bo if you have little fuel on board.

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

boscomantico wrote:

Supposedly the first Cirrus ever to land at Glendoe

Well done! I guess one has to make sure there has been no recent rain before using Glendoe with a heavier machine…what’s the tire pressure on the SR22?

LESB, Spain

Ha Antonio, your comment “surprisingly” about the food. I used to see a refrigerated container of seafood from the West of Scotland leave Aberdeen every week for Boulogne. So the oysters you eat in France might be Scottish (mais il ne faut rien dire…et puis, après le

As for Glendoe, as you say, better to land on 22 and depart on 04. I would not try to take off uphill on 22. I suspect the slope may help the drainage, so I would not be too concerned about a little rain. However grass grows fast there, so always best to check with the very helpful owner

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