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Trip from France to Ukraine, Customs in Hungary


I’m planning a trip for 2 weeks from France to Ukraine via Italy, Slovenia, Hungary.

First ideas of airports will be :
- Asiago LIDA
- Lesce LJBL
- Budaörs LHBS
- Chernivtsi UKLN ( south west of Ukraine )

Chernivtsi is the final destination so i expect to clear customs there.

I’ve read the posts about Ukraine on EuroGA but i need some advice to find an airport before Ukrainian border with Customs (and reasonable landing fees). I don’t think Budaörs will be ok for this trip.

If anyone has suggestion.

About Ukraine places, if someone has advices for airports in Kiev or Lviv also with reasonable prices. (plane will be a Cardinal 177RG)

I’ve read post post and post
so for now i didn’t plan to go to Kiev due to high fees. ( I already know this great city.)

LFMD, France

Asiago seems a charming area to spend a night and explore. It does not have fuel. If you just want a fuel stop, Trento or Thiene are your best options in this area.

In Hungary three airports have permanent customs and immigration:
- LHSM Sármellék (reasonable fees)
- LHDC Debrecen (not so reasonable fees)
- LHBP Budapest-Ferihegy (high fees and lots of hassle)

At these airports you do not have to pay extra for customs and immigration.

Customs and immigration can be ordered at any other airport, either via the airport administration for larger aiports (such as LHBS Budaörs or LHNY Nyíregyháza) or by contacting the authorities directly (for smaller airports). You will have to pay their fees in such cases, which will be ca. 100 EUR / time slot. You will have to depart / arrive within a fairly narrow time slot, but there should be minimal / no extra fees is multiple aircraft have to be processed at the same time.

All in all, LHSM is the overall cheapest and easiest option if it fits your routing.

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Hajdúszoboszló LHHO

You have to clear both out bound and in bound if youre going and coming from the Ukraine.
If your flying in from the SW then LHSM would be good if you have enough gas to get to your destination in Ukraine. The fee for landing is 30 Euro which includes Customs and Immigration.


In Kiev, with a Cessna 177RG, I would go to Gogolev, 700m paved runway about 50km from Kiev. Also, you certainly can get 100LL there.
In Lvov, you can fly to the international airport, normal fees and I would expect that their handling can organise 100LL for you.



LHSM is a little far for Ukrainian border for me and i would like to stop also at Budapest so i will try to order customs & immigration.

ploucandco wrote:

In Kiev, with a Cessna 177RG, I would go to Gogolev, 700m paved runway about 50km from Kiev. Also, you certainly can get 100LL there.

I went to Gogolev Airfield by car from the offices of ANGpatriotUA 1 year ago to see the Prototype of the LA-50 Patriot : Airplane was flying nicely, but was still a prototype. Now they are building pre-series i think. Maybe you know them ? I’ve met Alexander who was very nice to us.
LA-50 Patriot

Airfield is all paved with cobbles.

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LFMD, France
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