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VFR to Croatia

Wednesday looks good. Still a bit of unstable air around but you should be fine between 09-13 utc.

Wednesday Alp Outlook:
A barely weather-active trough axis lies above the Alpine area. In the morning some haze, fog, or stratus fields shows up which dissipate.
The alpine area from the late morning spreading clear-sighted with few accumulating clouds near ridges/mountain tops . In the afternoon, these are a little more especially over the Western Alps form in connection with the labilizing trough axis local rain showers, possibly individual thunderstorms, which
decline quickly in the evening. In the Eastern Alps is the rain activity from today’s point of view much lower, here it should stay dry with isolated accumulation of clouds. The powerful Bora
weakens slowly.

Last Edited by Snoopy at 09 Sep 20:50
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