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Spain, Oct/Nov 2019

aart wrote:

But maybe I should go and stand next to Son Bonet’s runway, stick my thumb into the air and hope that a certain Swedish reg DA42 sees it?


LDZA LDVA, Croatia

I am interested – although I agree with @Emir that I’d need to be flexible due to weather


Assuming it’s going to be Oct/Nov, I am available except for the weekend of 5 Oct and 2 Nov.

As to destinations I guess it needs to be an IFR/customs field? Or does age finally starts degrading Peter’s bladder range and dexterity to pee in a bottle? In that case we have a larger choice, like Fuentemilanos, very close to the wonderful city of Segovia. Not IFR though, and no easy IFR alternates nearby..

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Private field, Mallorca, Spain

I can always pee into a bottle

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I’m also interested with a preference for somewhere in the north-east


It looks like around “7 aircraft” expressing interest so far.

Is there anyone else interested? I can then start a spreadsheet to see what the overall picture is.

What locations would be of interest?

I have been to quite a few, including a number of meet-ups, there e.g. San Sebastian, Pamplona, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Salamanca, Menorca, La Axarquia, Granada, Merida (Badajoz), Valencia, Burgos, and maybe some others. Of these, the ones I liked most (for a potential meet-up) were Zaragoza and Salamanca, and we have not had EuroGA meet-ups there.

Ones I haven’t been to but meant to go at some point are Santander, Bilbao, Jerez, Valladolid… but I am not suggesting all of these are worth doing at all.

We had this proposal last year but it was cancelled due to wx (the location was accessible only in near-CAVOK conditions) so we did a meet-up at La Rochelle instead

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

We could also do Son Bonet LESB at Mallorca but it requires some of us to make Schengen stop prior to landing there.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Zaragoza and Salamanca, and we have not had EuroGA meet-ups there.

Zaragoza sounds interesting but bandling is mandatory by Argon Air. I don‘t have any experience with them.

Salamanca doesn‘t allow VFR flight during the week. So this would be a severe restriction when arriving on Friday for some of the pilots here.

EDDS , Germany

Happy to join a late Autumn Spain trip.

EGBP Kemble, United Kingdom

I have emailed Zaragoza airport and the handler. The handler replied with

so they didn’t read the email (I should have google translated it also) but I think the costs of nearly €200 rule this out for most people.

Any other locations of interest?

I don’t think Majorca will have many coming because anybody can get there by airline for next to nothing, and most already have. This is always an issue with fly-ins. Those done to popular airline locations tend to produce a very small turnout.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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