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Spain, Oct/Nov 2019

That would be the weekend that I can’t do.

How about the weekend 25-27 Oct, @eddsPeter ? If that’s a date that works for all or most, I can check on the probability of the apron works to be finished by then. As to weather, the earlier the better, statistically.. Plus more daylight.

How about the others who have shown interest?

Private field, Mallorca, Spain


How about the weekend 25-27 Oct,

This might be possible. It depends on one of my customers. At the moment they have blocked Wednesday to Friday at 5.30 PM for a course. Sometimes they cancel. But to give you a reliable „yes I will participate“ I have to wait until 3 days before the scheduled course.

EDDS , Germany

I was stationed at Zaragoza (short/modern for Caesar Augusta) for six months while at the air force, longer ago than I care to remember. It is a beautiful if not spectacular city and as discussed the airport has the required facilities for the group.
It is famous for harbouring the patron “saintess” of Spain, our Lady of the Pillar. It is said she appeared to St Jacob (of St Jacob’s way fame) on top of a pillar next to the Ebro river, as he was on his way out of Spain after giving up on preaching to the stubborn Spaniards (at the time mostly under Roman domain). She apparently encouraged him to insist. This he did until his death in the Holy Land and later entombment in NW Spain giving way to one of the most important Christian pilgrimages of all history continuing on until nowadays.
A big cathedral was built around this pillar.

Wx in winter can be foggy but this happens mostly in Q1. I once landed there SVFR in little over 1000m visibility after circling for 20 mins at one of the VRP’s (they only allowed one traffic in the area at a time in those conditions).

Other than Huesca with limited facilities, there are no close alternates around LEZG.

Have you considered Pamplona? That one has lots of VFR/IFR alternates close by (Bilbao, San Sebastian, Vitoria, Logroño, Burgos, most with rental car facilties…) . THis gives options if a hotel booking in Pamplona must be maintained. Beautiful city, great autumn scenery and great culinary destination too.

I would like to attend with the family either way but cannot confirm until closer to the time.

Edited to correct St St Jacob’s death place

Last Edited by Antonio at 20 Sep 08:50
LESB, Spain

Santiago is James, not an obvious translation

Oxford (EGTK)

Good point and St James and St Jacob is the same too

LESB, Spain

Antonio wrote:

Have you considered Pamplona?

+1 for Pampolna

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Thanks Antonio for the interesting historical comments on Zaragoza!

Re Pamplona, I visit a couple of times per year. There has never been any shortage of room on the magnificently large apron which is usually empty. When walking to the terminal, do follow the marked path around the side. My significant other-half is always designated as crew (well, she is) as handling is not required for GA unless there are pax onboard:

General and Business Aviation operations are exempt from the obligation to hire handling services (ramp agent) if they have the following characteristics:
- MTOW < 3.5 TM (CLASS 4A) ‐ Propulsion system: Not jet
‐ Number of passengers = 0

On returning to the terminal, it’s the usual drill: Ask security and they will open a door and accompany you upstairs to the office to pay landing fees, whereupon you will be given a receipt plus stamped copy of the “Plan de Vuelo” which you will present to security downstairs to gain airside access. Last month the charge for a 1 day stop (C340 2.7 mt) was Euro44, which included Euro7 landing, Euro23 parking, met, nav and vat.


We did Pamplona fairly recently.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

But, to be fair “we” was not much of a massive fly-in, Peter. Actually, just you and I

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

Amazing. My memory must be really crap

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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